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Children should help to take care of the family cat — 3 Comments

  1. In the end adults are 100% responsible for the welfare of companion animals in their home. Children want and do not understand the idea of long term commitment and parents need to consider if that animal will still be in their home after a child moves out , joins the military or goes to college.
    It may be a good thing to give a child the task of feeding, walking and taking care of an animal but if a parent is not willing to accept they will indeed end up taking care of the animal on a daily basis they should not bring one into the home.
    Animals are NOT a life lesson to try and teach a child responsibility. Children learn by example and that is more important to them as adults and how they handle guardianship of animals as adults on their own and teach their own children compassion.
    There are cats and dogs sent to kill shelters on a regular basis because little Jack or Sally didn’t want to walk, clean up after or play with them anymore.

  2. I wouldn’t issue orders to do it as if it were a punishment though. Michael lays it out properly and fulfills all needs of both the cats and the children.

  3. I think older children whose mom or dad are involved in TNR should be taught the basics of setting the trap. A lot of adults use the excuse they can’t help with trapping because they don’t know how to set a proper trap. It’s a great skill to learn. When I released Old Gray the man who worked near the colony couldn’t even figure out how to release the front door.

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