Chilling Photo of Five Cats Dumped in Creek

This is a chilling photo of dead cats tossed away like rubbish by the roadside in a creek. They look like domestic cats to me judging by their coats but I can’t be sure. Wesley Yawn who works at the Telfair State Prison, a Georgia Department of Corrections state prison for men located on 210 Long Bridge Road, Helena, Telfair County, Georgia, posted the photo on his Facebook page.

Wesley writes on Facebook:

“This is what I found at a creek between Glenwood and Alamo while riding . Sad to see those cats killed then dumped in a creek.”

If someone can help please contact the police. This looks like a crime but we don’t know yet until it is fully investigated. Actually it may be a crime to dump cat carcasses at the roadside but that’s unlikely. It is also unlikely that the police will be involved. It would be nice if postmortems were carried out on the cats to discover the cause of death. That would be a good start wouldn’t it? May they rest in peace. Bless them.

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  1. Seeing pictures like this always breaks my heart. So sorry these precious souls have been dumped like trash. Karma will come back around.


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