CHINA: affectionate boy holds up box to rescue stray cat trapped on a wall in China

CHINA: ‘This video clip warmed the hearts of many online’: affectionate boy rescues stray cat. Neat and nice. Love to see this sort of thing. It’s what our relationship with animals should be about – always. Kindness and sensitivity towards animals who often live in a difficult or downright hostile world created by humans. We make the world for domestic animals. If it is dangerous, it is our fault.

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The behavior of the boy is interesting because I feel pretty sure that the cat would have got down eventually. I think they wanted to make a home for the cat. If so, this is a very lucky cat; from struggling stray to loved throughout the day!

There are a lot of kind animal lovers in China and animal rescuers. They do great work. The poor image that China has, in relation to animals, to people in the West is due to (1) almost no animal welfare laws – bizarre and shameful and (2) cat and dog meat market – also shameful but this is a trickier subject as some say eating cats is no different to eating cows. When you know what goes on, you’ll see the difference.

10 countries where they eat cat and dog meat (2020)

China - kind boy rescues cat from high wall
China – kind boy rescues cat from high wall. Screenshot.
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