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China Animal Welfare DOWNING STREET PETITION — 9 Comments

  1. is the china government body also part of the indoneshian senate house in which the law was written up on the animal welfare act and should also include the other provinces of asia . republic of china as well as mainland china .these black market are reading about the government being so lax and dragging it’s feet then they take a dog and drag on the back of it’s truck and they they animal is secondary to humans ,yes but it shouldn’t give a human to kill,torture ,skin alive ,dismember an animal alive or use a knife to gut a dog when a dog is alive . the congress and high court minister of justice must add in a clause all over to stop the injustice to their animals and we cannot rely on god to finish the sinner’s acts.the responsibility of pets ,dogs and cat’s still remain on the people who want a better world and for our children ,but the key is how do we get the change from the government.i think this is a very important issue and should be in the state capital building in the ministers of china’s office .delaying these changes are causing too many horrific death scenes and these vagrant men who rely on the street to live and make money illegally by the the victims of animals and people are dying also and a black market trade should not exist in china aperson who is intelligent can give lesson’s ,babysit, take care of elderly , walk dogs , drive senior ‘s to dr’s office and supermarket and there is just a plain old companionship.i am suffering so much to see animal go thru a nightmarish hell when wealthy donators built a compound in the Philippines called dog mountain in which a homeless dog can go there and live which would be the right and fair thing to do ,but the vagrant is intervening saying there isn’t a law for killing animal’s so where do we draw the line ? I hate china because they let their people run wild and do what they want ,but how does this differ from the drug rings who were sentenced and convicted to die? killing a dog has become an addiction to them ,everyday go out kill dogs and cats and gts biggere and bigger ,kill more, the dogs and cats are just scapegoats here ,these people should be held accountable for their actions upn pets that are stolen pets its not like they want deep sea fishing or hunting.please understand where I am coming from laws were meant to be broken,no laws have gotten us ruthless,wicked skinning animals alive for profit .is this right? no it is not so their gov’t should start the process to stop their brutal slayings and burning of dogs ,which is also a sign of anti government action. thanyou ,mrs jill davis .oh and by the way what would happen if I burned the china’s flag .or the Korean flag ? I would go to jail? put to death? a fireing squad maybe? what would happen ?

    • Thanks for commenting. Please tell me: is Jill Davis you real name? Are you living in China? I agree that what happens to cats and dogs in parts of China is horrendous. I’d like to do the same to the people who perpetrate these wicked acts.

  2. This is a shocking photo and something must be done to bring political pressure for change. However, some of the comments here disparaging Chinese and Japanese DO NOT help this cause and bring in unpleasant and unnecessary racist undertones that distract from it. Focus on the matter at hand – pressuring China into introducing animal welfare legislation.

    I wish I was a British citizen so I could add my signature to this petition. I will do my best to post the petition’s link at appropriate sites.

    • Thanks for the comment and support. I think we have to criticize the Chinese sometimes on their animal welfare record. You can’t avoid it and it is not racist. It is simply criticizing the Chinese for appalling animal abuse. Plain and simple. I am afraid you cannot avoid it because the Chinese government do nothing about it.

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