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China-Eating Wildlife-Tightening Up and Enforcement of Existing Law — 7 Comments

  1. well thats disgusting and soo wrong on so many levels. As its the weekend dont wanna makemyself anymore depressed. Whats the world coming too. Its a very sad day for all animals.

  2. Sadly I don’t see how this can be enforced either because there are always those who think they are the exception to obeying laws, so they will keep on for as long as they are not found out.

    • You are as pessimistic as me! However, this bit of news tells us one thing which is that the Chinese government is at least somewhat concerned about the conservation of wildlife species even if they are mainly in their own country. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, possibly.

      • I’m not usually pessimistic in life apart from animal welfare, because many people can get away with animal abuse, it can be hidden so easily or not proved and as we well know, most powers that be don’t think animals are as important as people!

        • Yes, agreed. You and I simply look around us and what we see in relation to the treatment of animals in general in the world is clearly not up to the mark. We’re not being pessimistic we are being realistic.

  3. It’s all disgusting.
    Sadly, this can only be enforced to a certain degree.
    As you say, this this will still be a delicacy to the wealthy.
    Wealth and power go hand in hand. We can all cite thousands of episodes where the wealthy slip and slide their way out of legal issues.

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