China: guy casually kicks stray cat into river (video)

Place and time: December 11 in the city of Shantou, on the eastern coast of Guangdong, China. It is watchable by a cat lover.

This is a casual bit of cat abuse. It is strange to me because I struggle to understand it. The motivator must be that the man who commits the abuse dislikes cats or he wants to hurt something, anything because he feels abused himself.

As you can see the video comes from China.

Fortunately, the cat appears to get back very quickly. I don’t think the man succeeded in kicking the cat into the river. But the intention was clearly there.

One problem may be that there are lots of stray cats in the city because people are careless about spaying and neutering. This always leads to a greater level of hostility towards cats. It is a self-generating hostility which starts and ends with human behavior.

I have said before: there are no animal welfare laws in China so the man does this without any chance of punishment. It’s an animal abuse free for all.

That said there are many Chinese who care about animal welfare. It appears to be a growing attitude perhaps as China sees more of the West on the internet. Animal rights in China are poor inline with human rights.

China’s internet is censored so the Chinese government can’t be criticised. Google are struggling with this because at present their search engine does not serve China. They want to get into China and have proposed a censoring Google search engine for the country which Google employees object to. It’s causing stresses at Google and making the company less enjoyable as a place to work.

6 thoughts on “China: guy casually kicks stray cat into river (video)”

  1. Guangdong, say no more.

    Younger generations are thankfully showing more interest in welfare and compassion for cats and other companion species now.

    However, it was the professional, educated young, yuppie classes who brought back the brutality associated with cat eating, in the 1980s.

    For centuries prior to this, cats & dogs were considered as ‘famine food’ only.

    Brutality to humans is a surefire way to perpetuate brutality to other species.

    • Yes, Irish, it’s the most heinous animal abuse on the planet and they do it in the millions. Horrible and unforgivable. May bad karma befall the country and soon.


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