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China insights: new kitten flown 2,000 km to new home (China hosted video) — 4 Comments

  1. I totally agree about the dichotomy that exists in animal welfare in China. We need to keep pushing for the humane treatment of animals everywhere, regardless of persistent and unchanging attitudes in various regions. Any improvement is better than none at all.

    I love Asian culture and have always been drawn to it. Fantastic topic Michael. In the link below is a Korean story that touches my heart so closely that I get teary eyes every time I watch it. I look forward to more articles about human/feline relations.💜💜💜

  2. I have had some very interesting and er, robust chats with a chap of Chinese heritage, who works in a large local shop. He used to be an accountant for international business. He was sought after to work with Chinese/Anglo businesses because of his cultural origin/experience and language abilities.

    He has seen it all, eaten it all.

    He confirms strongly that the brutalisation of humans, war and famine, lack of education, lack of cosmopolitan cultural experience leads to brutal attitudes to other species.

    With no human rights law, there is little chance of other species being protected. Cultural isolation is a very effective tool in keeping a nation of people compliant and unquestioning.

    As capitalism has seeped in to the edges of China, so have the vulgar, braggart behaviours of the worst of young, educated western professionals, hence the rise of cat/dogmeat restaurents in the 80s and 90s. The yuppies hijacked changing attitudes to companion animals and threw them back to times of famine in history. Modern myths (lies) about the benefits of eating species who had undergone horrific, agonising deaths perpetuated. Yulin festival is nothing to do with tradition, it is about money.

    He says that it is the young, and often the very old (who have experience of famine) who are now the most vociferous advocates for respect and kindness towards other species.

    Unless China opens up, the small hope for wildlife and all species does not stand much chance.

    Again, our hopes lie with the wisdom of the old and the thirst for evolution of attitudes held by the young

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