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Chinese Animal Rights Activists are Fighting Back Against Serial Cat Cruelty in China — 6 Comments

  1. How come you’re not out in front of every grocery store shoving feces-filled cat-litter into everyone’s mouths for all the animals they kill? Now you’re just being a hypocrite. Do you still feed your cat canned-animals that you paid others to kill for you?

    • Are you saying every person who comes out of a grocery store anywhere in the world has been brutally cruel to animals? If so please elucidate clearly. Give me chapter and verse.

  2. Typical animal-rights activists. They’re the same worldwide. They use the excuse of saving animals to display and vent their mentally and emotionally defective sociopathic and psychopathic personalities.

    I love that so many of your visitors wish all humans were dead. Just like a couple of them did again recently. Do you do that too?

    • You simply have no understanding at all as to what motivates animal right activists because you are blinded by your hatred of cats and them. It would not occur to you that they do these things to improve the lives of animals and for no other reason. That is the obvious reason and it is the correct one.

      • So, it is perfectly fine with you that they tormented people who had nothing to do with harming animals. Yes, you’re a sociopath. Thanks for admitting it.

        • They were clearly wrong in picking the wrong people – I said that, you fool. But if they had been the correct people I’d support the activists’ behavior.

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