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Chinese businessman bought, electrocuted and ate three tigers — 12 Comments

  1. Can anyone explain to me why the Chinese authorities invest huge amounts of time and money maintaining the Giant Panda as a species, yet can’t offer the same protection to other indigenouse wildlife?

    • Commercial reasons? The Panda is good money. Exporting and tourism. Also it is good PR. They could have done the same with the South China tiger but it was too late. They made them extinct before they could exploit the Chinese tiger commercially. It is all abut money and the Chinese are obsessed with the stuff as is most of the rest of the world. Money destroys wildlife.

  2. Those poor tigers. I’m pleased to hear that Mr Xu was given a 13 year prison sentence and wasn’t able to buy his way out of trouble. With any luck Chinese prisons are even more horrendous than I imagine them to be.

    Considering that he was wealthy enough to spend around $213,000 USD buying the tigers as a “delicacy”, I don’t think the $250,000 USD fine is going to hurt his pocket very much. I’d be curious to know how the authorities reached that figure or whether that was the maximum fine they could impose.

    It’s heartbreaking to think about how those tigers must have suffered, but on a positive note at least the authorities prosecuted the culprit. Changes in cultural attitudes are slow, but perhaps making an example of Mr Xu is the first step in the right direction.

    • I agree, it does show the authorities will prosecute sometimes. It is just they don’t do it anywhere near enough nor do they enforce CITES in their country or stop ivory sales etc.. The Chinese exterminated the South China tiger in China (there may one or two left but not for long). It may be a sort of show trial for publicity reasons. To tell the world how good they are at conservation and how they have changed. Obviously we are not fooled if that is their intention.

  3. Do these vile little ‘men’ think it will make their tiny little chinese penis’s grow bigger & work better… stupid fools… God didn’t bless u bastards 4 a reason…!!

    • LOL!
      You cracked me up, Miss QD.
      I’m slightly familiar with the oriental appendage.
      I don’t think that there is anything in the world that that would help these individuals come near to adequacy. I can see how they would be desperate. But, they are sick, sick, sick in their thinking that any big cat consumption could help them. But, considering the population of the countries, it seems that they make the most if what they don’t have.
      Unless they possess an 8 inch tongue (Sorry, Michael), they all need to consider a gender change.

  4. Is Mr Xu just the tip of the iceberg of wealthy Chinese consuming “Big Cat Meat” ?The end use of all endangered species products always points towards China.Among herbivores, the rhino and elephant are facing extinction due to the demand from China.

      • Exactly. Our governments turns a blind eye to their disgusting ways in order to keep the peace.
        They paid no price for exporting tainted products here.
        They killed babies with tainted formula and countless pets with melamine loaded food. Yet, we won’t ban their imports because of debt.
        The real blame lies with the FDA who is in charge of inspecting imported products. They failed us and are equally to blame for babes and pets dying in our arms.

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