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Chinese Cat Sharing Rental Service — 7 Comments

  1. On second look, something proves that this is just another click-bait troll article. The lower-case “t” in “Cat” in the sign has been photoslopped. Poorly too. Michael should have just copied the one from the word “rental”.

  2. It won’t work. It’s far simpler and cheaper to buy one from a cage in the back of a restaurant and then give them back to the cook when no longer wanted. The restaurant will make a profit twice, once when sold temporarily and again when cooked. Or just pick one up off the street for free and dump it back when you no longer want it. Just like they do in the USA and the UK. There’s plenty enough for that everywhere on the planet. I bet most of you got your cats that way too. And most get dumped again.

  3. This is insane. I have never heard of such an idea. I am sure that in the US, Canada, UK, or Europe “cat rental” would be illegal. I fear for all the poor cats handled in this manner.😰😱

  4. That is nice that they keep the deposit if the cat is dead, not sure the cat would care if the deposit was held back. This is a country that kills tigers so they can harvest and sell their hormones to rich people for virility. This is enslavement, abuse, cruelty, needs to be condemned by the rest of the world. I plan on bringing this to attention of several animal advocate groups and Peta. We need to keep exposing China for their cruelty and barbarism toward animals. These animals do not have a choice in this, they are being enslaved.

    • Agreed. I wish the US president would use trade as leverage to force China to introduce animal welfare laws. It needs to happen. Politicians ignore animal welfare in trade deals.

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