Chinese study says that coronavirus can replicate in domestic cats and transmit between cats

Coronavirus info and developments
Coronavirus info and developments
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Because I am very concerned for the welfare of domestic cats (and all animals), I am very, very reluctant to write about this and will do so minimally and publish some key screenshots and link to the study for people to read in their own time. The link is below. I am doing this in the interests of transparency and integrity. I can’t read a article or study which is relevant to human and animal welfare and callously ignore it because someone might criticise me for publishing it. However, in summary, the study says that domestic cats are ‘susceptible’ to the virus and (1) it replicates in domestic cats and (2) it can transmit between cats in water droplets. THE STUDY HAS NOT BEEN PEER REVIEWED – I.E. NOT CHECKED BY OTHER SCIENTISTS.

Note: I hate animal experiments. These cats were injected with the virus and euthanised afterwards. Yes, this study was done for human benefit and decidedly not for the benefit of domestic cats. There have been two cases of domestic cats getting Covid-19 within the pandemic, one in Belgium and one in Hong Kong.


Screenshots from parts of the study which interested me

CLICK THIS FOR THE STUDY (IT OPENS A NEW TAB): Chinese study on Covid-19 and cats and dogs



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2 thoughts on “Chinese study says that coronavirus can replicate in domestic cats and transmit between cats”

  1. Not being a scientist I’m reluctant to even comment, except as another actively concerned cat lover who doesn’t have a lot of trust for the Chinese government. For what it’s worth I almost married a microbiologist who gave me some insight to the profession. It’s a very complex field of study, and even more complex as it pertains to international politics, which this virus is severely influenced by. One thing I did learn from science courses I did take in college was that when you embark on scientific inquiry and solving problems, one of your best moves is to guess at the answer first. It can be a big time saver. I would guess that the Chinese might be interested in taking the focus off of their mishandling of their having created the virus in the first place by way of their horror show known as “wet markets”. I don’t trust them, period.

    1. My thoughts too. I don’t trust them either and I am convinced that they should compensate the rest of the bloody world for the trillions of dollars of loses that will be incurred because of coronavirus. They could do it by writing off loans or the West should default on Chinese loans in unison. Something must happen because why should we all suffer financial loss because China has no animal welfare laws and abuse animals with stupid beliefs?

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