Chinese were developing a Covid-19 vaccine 5 months before it was declared a pandemic!

NEWS AND VIEWS: This story is yet more evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China; a laboratory (‘lab’) allegedly linked to the Chinese military in developing a biowarfare agent based on a novel coronavirus obtained from a bat species found in a mineshaft in China. The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) have done some sterling work on this in stopping American partial funding of this lab. Can you believe it? American taxpayers were supporting this lab, and obscene cat testing experiments in Russia, another adversary of America. Madness stopped by WCW

Stronger evidence that COVID-19 started at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Anyway, the Daily Mail reports that a scientist at the lab, Zhou Yusen, was working on a vaccine for Covid-19 a full five months before the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Wuhan Insitute of Virology
Wuhan Insitute of Virology, Image in the public domain.
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To the suspicious mind (and I have one!) and to the conspiracy theorists, this suggests that the lab was indeed developing a biowarfare weapon and that the Chinese had developed a vaccine before the world knew about it and before it escaped from the lab.

It almost points to an attempt to deliberately spread a virus around the world to harm the economic prospects of competing nations to boost China’s economic standing and to achieve absolute dominance. That’s a personal thought.

The scientist that I have mentioned, Zhou Yusen, had filed a patent for a Covid-19 vaccine on Feb 24, 2020, a month before China put the city of Wuhan into lockdown.

As it would have taken about 3 months to develop the vaccine, the scientists at the lab were working on a vaccine in November 2019 which is 2 months before Beijing told the world about Covid and five months before it was declared a pandemic.

The sinister twist is that the Chinese reported that “Zhou fell from the roof of the Institute”! He was reportedly thrown off. He died in mysterious circumstances.

Was he about to spill the beans and tell the world the truth about the origin on the Covid-19 pandemic?

When the WHO went to China to try and discover the origin of the disease, they were barred from entering the laboratory! Their work was a waste of time. In effect they were supporting Beijing’s great defensiveness about their involvement in the pandemic. A defensiveness which points to guilt.

P.S. What has this got to do with cats!? Everything because Covid killed 7 million people worldwide. A lot of cats lost their caregiver. And many cats were killed in China and in North Korea by people believing that the cat was a vector for the disease.

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  1. Yes it has to do with cats because at one point in the pandemic there was apparently talk of all pet cats being euthanised! I think most cat owners, like ourselves, would have fought this to the last! But some people would have got rid of their cats this way, without question! Imagine, if it had happened and then later it was found to be a mistake.
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