Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Chocolate point Siamese cat

Chocolate point Siamese cat by sam.romilly (Flickr).

The above photo is not that good technically (sorry Sam) but it does show off the chocolate point very nicely. The coloring is clear and neutral. The cat’s name is Salvador – gotta be a boy. He looks male too.

The chocolate point is similar to the seal point but a bit lighter. A sort of dilute seal it seems to me but that is not cat fancy speak.

Chocolate pointing is, I believe, one of the original pointing colors with seal. I don’t know if they were created initially through selective breeding or whether they were around in Siam (now Thailand) at the outset of this breed of cat. The Siamese has a long history. Apparently chocolate pointed cats appeared in cat breeder, Siamese cat litters. Was this a natural occurrence or due to selective breeding and an accident?

They were apparently around in the late 1800s at the beginning of the cat fancy in England. Chocolate point Siamese were recognized by the cat associations after the blue point1 (1934).

Chocolate pointing is one of four traditional colors accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in America (CFA). The others are blue, lilac and seal. Seal is the original pointing color (a dark brown/black).

Cat fanciers call “chocolate” a “self color”. “Self” is defined as “a cat whose parents are of the same (solid) color.”2 Not sure that helps me! The Havana Brown is a cat that is chocolate colored all over.

The genotype of the chocolate point Siamese cat is aabb2.


1. CFA
2. Robinson’s Genetics page 225.

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