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Choosing a cat litter that will appeal to kitties — 13 Comments

  1. Michael, no- I am using World’s Best Cat Litter (corn). The cats love it-and it is virtually dust free- doesnt track hardly at all. It is also controls odors very well and lasts a long time.

  2. Unscented, clumping litter is my choice too. I buy Sainsbury’s ultra clumping litter. It’s much cheaper than the Catsan version.

    I’ve noticed my cats definitely prefer litter with small granules. Don’t know if that’s about the texture or because it’s has better absorbption than the larger granuled types.

  3. Unscented clumping clay is our longtime favorite, with no apology, and that’s right…if it ain’t broke, we’re not fixin’ it 😉

    • You’re a stick in the mud 😉 . Just joking. Years ago I converted to wood based litter because living in a flat odour control is very important and wood litter is fantastic for that.

  4. We tried cedar litter when we lived in New York. The cats actually liked it- much to my surprise. What I liked about it was the odor control- but also that it was biodegradable- and easy (after removing the waste) to dump on the woods on our property. We discovered Worlds Best Cat litter and started using it since it clumped and was flushable- septic tank safe. Since the cats really liked it we continued using it and have been for 10 years now. We have had no problems with the cats eating it-and it hardly tracks or sticks to their paws. While it is costlier than other types- it lasts a long time- so is just as affordable, actually- in the long run. We also use Clevercat Litter boxes, which are amazing- especially for macho male cats who prefer to stand up to pee. The boxes are high enough so there is no run off on the floor or walls- optional cover which is great since the top has ridges that catch the litter so very little litter is tracked outside the box.

    • I started using World’s Best about 8 years ago when my Bandit was 18+ years old and begun getting some litter stuck on his paws…. eating clay is not good for kitties especially senior kitties who are ill….I tried the silica litter when it first came out but my vet warned me off of it and when he started ingesting some clay she suggested a corn based littler. Arm and Hammer makes one too btw… I like it, the cats like it… I’m not too worried about them eating it since it rarely every sticks to their paws. The vet said that ingesting a small amount of the corm litter was a LOT better than the clay litter. Since thye like it , I’m not changing it!

      • Sharon, I think you make a good point about litter pellets becoming stuck in between toes. This is an important aspect of cat litter use and a distinct health hazard. I might do a short article on that.

        • Thanks Michael, I didn’t realize it was a problem until it happened to my older kitty and the vet talked to me about it.

  5. I use wood litter as it is the best for odor control. It does not clump but because it is highly absorbent there is no wetness at all in the litter tray.

    I believe there are some hidden health problems with cat litter generally that needs more investigation with scientific backing.

  6. Last year after Samirah pulled that claw out I bought a bag of Yesterday’s News, the soft formula. She took right to it. I made the mistake of buying another bag, same formula, and she didn’t like that so much. The pellets were harder and larger. It was clear to me she didn’t like it. She’d use the box and then leap out of the litter box and cover her business. Sometimes.

    I switched her to Tidy Cats non-clumping litter and she’s never been happier. I scoop her boxes twice a day. Dust has been marginal, and the tracking is so minor I can live with it.

  7. I had been buying a cheap unscented clumping litter that worked fine, until I noticed that recently a scent had been added. So, I began a hunt for another affordable unscented litter.

    I couldn’t believe how hard it was just to find an unscented litter! Forget affordable! The first one I tried said “clumping”, but didn’t clump. I returned it! The second one was very coarse, and left a lot of litter outside the box.

    I discovered that any litter that says “odor control” is suspect. I asked the vet what they use, and was told they just use a non-clumping product, not specified as litter, but used to absorb grease, etc. from driveways.

    So, my label reading continued, now with litter. I’ve recently found a clumping litter that is affordable (although twice what I was paying) and unscented. It’s Premium Choice Solid Scoop, all natural, low tracking, and low dust.

    I’ve read something about newspaper leaving ink on carpet. I can’t imagine that would be good on kitty paws! I have an aversion to pine, corn, silica, and wheat for obvious reasons.

    Look forward to knowing what other readers can share about this important topic.

  8. Clumping unscented clay litter. In all my years of cat guardianship, i’ve only had one disagreement. We tried pine and newspaper litter and Chutzpaw communicated his displeasure by using the bathtub instead. We had 3 cats at the time and had to watch to figure out who was the picky kitty.

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