Christmas Eve and Twelve of the Clock

Christmas Eve and Twelve of the Clock

by Cat Bitsy

Christmas Eve and twelve of the clock. All the family, Mummy, Poppy, and the kitties
were tuckered out by the Christmas turkey, the plum pudding, and the caroling. As Poppy put out the lights, he thought them all abed.

Ah! But one very curious kitty, Bitsy, sneaked downstairs just in time to see a fat and jolly someone enter the sitting room. Bitsy was a clever cat, and bilingual. So, she asked: “Who are you, please?” “HoHoHo, I am Santa Claws he answered. And I bring Christmas cheer and presents for all good kitties.”

“Mr Claws, can I have a wish?” asked Bitsy.
“And what might that be, my darling?” asked Santa Claws.

“Can you please give me claws, Santa?”, sobbed Bitsy. “You see, Santa, some mean people cut them off when I was just a young kitty, and I miss them terribly. Life is not the same without claws.”

“Oh my dear, dear kitten, I wish that I could honour your fervent request, and you deserve to have your claws back, but that is, alas, beyond my powers. But, tell you what: I have some good friends at Pictures of Cats. com, especially Michael Broad, and a lady called ‘Kattadora’ and all those good people are very concerned that kitties have their claws. They try very much to make this problem widely known and try so very hard to educate people so that, one day, no kitties will suffer as you have suffered, from declawing. I’m so very sorry that I can’t bring you replacement claws for Christmas, but you and I will work unceasingly to see to it that declawing is outlawed, and we will make you the ‘poster cat’ for our campaign.” Bitsy was a very photogenic cat, and, as most all girls, keen to show off a bit. So this cheered her up.

Santa Claws left a wonderfully soft pad for Bitsy’s kneading, and as quickly as he had come, he was gone, off to see other kitties. He had a big night ahead of him, but the next morning he slept the sleep of the just, happy in his work for kities everywhere.

Bitsy still misses having her own claws, but Santa Claws brightened her mood and she had a very happy Christmas.

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Christmas Eve and Twelve of the Clock

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Nov 20, 2011
Good story!
by: Anonymous

I like Bitsy’s story a lot. I think that she has shown how to combine the declawing advocacy angle with the festive, familial aspects of Christmas.

Nov 20, 2011
To Bitsy
by: Ruth

Yes well done Bitsy, I have commented on the other page too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 20, 2011
A lovely story
by: Barbara

I enjoyed that Bitsy, and I approve of the subject very much xx

Barbara avatar

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