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Christmas in Heaven: ‘Written’ by a shelter cat with only hours left to live — 7 Comments

  1. Heart rending. If only humans could be more like cats and dogs. 💔 One day people who are cavalierly playing with the lives of animals will answer to God.

  2. I did not want to look at this article Elisa, because I knew how badly it would hurt. But I could not hold myself back from continuing to read. Cannot stop the tears now. I wish I could grant this ultimate gift to all homeless animals. 😿😿😿🐾🐾☯️☮️🗝️

  3. I tear up every time I read one of those farewell letters from a shelter cat on death row… All the plights that befall cats, just because we allow them to overpopulate, is the biggest, deepest sadness I have felt in my life.

  4. Different device but same issue. Article runs off the page. This is true for every article on this site.

    Screen shot in comments on FB

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