Christmas Is For Cats And Kids

Cats love Christmas trees
Cats love Christmas trees (and all the other stuff like wrapping paper lying around). Photo: Huff Post video screenshot montage.
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Our cats want every day to be Christmas Day because all of a sudden their environment is enriched with that wonderful, large and tall, green toy with bright objects attached: the Christmas tree. It is time to climb it, break some decorations and inadvertently take the tree down which is why the Huff Post headline is: Cats Declare War On Christmas In Hilarious Supercut Of Feline Tree Takedowns. Cats behave a bit like kids – a bit destructive – so it’s right that Christmas is for cats and kids.

I can’t embed their video but the one below is just as good and it’ll make you smile.

It’s a gentle reminder that we can do more to make our cats’ lives richer. Im as slow as anyone to build climbers and so on for my cat. Cats love more than the tree at this time of the year. There’s the wrapping paper, packaging, boxes, their presents and so on. It’s a wonderland of playthings.

Some people celebrate Christmas every day of the year because they like it so much. I hope that they have a cat companion. Perhaps these people were cats in a previous life.


Amongst all the fun for cats there are some dangers such as string being swallowed and stuff being eaten which should not be eaten. What about badly setup electrics too? We just have to be careful at Christmas to make sure our inquisitive cats don’t overdo it.


The wonder of Christmas is for kids. The more senior an adult person is the less likely they are to enjoy Christmas unless there are kids and they can enjoy it vicariously through the children. Or they’ll plain hate it.

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