Chubs Is One Of A Kind!

Chubs Is One Of A Kind!

by Jerry
(Laguna Beach, CA USA)


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Chubs is the smartest cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has more personality then the majority of people I know. He knows no enemy of human or animal kind. He has intimidated more dogs by running up to them and licking their ears and coats.

He pesters my female Rat Terrier all the time grooming her and insisting on sleeping in her bed with her. He comes running when he hears his name. He immediately responds to "no" but you will see the attitude that comes with having to comply.

He is loving as they come to most but very aggressive when he is hungry or wants attention and this is where he will not take no for an answer.

He has come up with many inventive ways to wake me up when he wants fed his special breakfast in the morning always attempting to push the clock back further and further he has even tried to convince me it's breakfast time at 2am by banging the window blinds against the window until you can't stay asleep through it and have to get up.

His latest wake up call has been running and pouncing on me as hard and as fast as he can then running off and waiting to be sure that I jumped out of bed as fast as he had expected.

As unhappy as I can find it being woke from a sound sleep he still keeps a very special place in my heart. He does have one bad trait that I wish he didn't have. He jumps and attacks my female cat all to often. He will pounce on her without warning and with what appears to be without reason. He has not always acted out this way to her as she was here first but it has progressively gotten worse. I will just have to keep up the refereeing because outside of that he is as good as gold.


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Chubs Is One Of A Kind!

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Apr 13, 2010 hes lovely
by: kathy

What a lovely cat. My big cat Lia who is a Bengal mix had a bad habit of fighting with one of my sons cats when we lived with him. Lia now has his own house and he is the king of it except everything but the new cat tree we recently acquired. Things could be calm for days and then all of a sudden out of the blue he would just attack SHadow and the fur would fly and the whole house would turn into one big anxiety attack. Why he did that we have never figured out. Cats are extremly intellegent. My cat Lia knows the differece between a regular Fancy Feast can and the green Medley ones. He also can tell a large Friskies can from a small Fancy Feast can of any kind. He watches what kind of can I get out of the cat food drawer. He too knows when its time to be fed. I get up at 245 am to go to work. On weekends by 330 if im not up guess what?? Lia gets me awake by walking on my head or laying on top of it. He then eats again when I get home from work about 300. Then again at 700 when I start getting ready for bed.(245am comes fast). Mind you they have the top brand of dry food available all day. In fact 3 different types of dry food. Are they spoiled??? No they deserve the best, and I want to make sure they get it. Especially Lia, He probaly already lived 6 or 7 of his 9 lives already.

Apr 09, 2010 Indeed a unique character
by: Maggie Sharp

Chubs certainly does sound like a one-of-a-kind cat! He does indeed sound very intelligent...

I often hear of male cats being a bit rough of female cats, but they are naturally larger which can give them a little too much confidence, as it is a wrestling, pouncing and generally playing advantage! So, I highly doubt that his behaviour towards your girl is an agressive thing, it's probably just his way of playing or maybe it could be his way of proving his dominance of the household...

My Chilli has played quite rough with the 2 cats he's known, one is female the other was male, though, he never really got worse in his behaviour, he's always been a well behaved boy for his Mummy. Hehe.

Personally, I think cats are like people, every one is different.....

Oh, and Chubs has a beautiful coat, he's got very vibrant colouring... I bet he gets groomed very often!

Apr 08, 2010 Chubs
by: Ruth

What a gorgeous boy Chubs is,that is such a lovely photo, and what a character he sounds too. His antics did make me laugh.
One of our cats decrees when it's time to get up too,he jumps on and off my bed,walks up me and shouts MEOW in my face and if that doesn't get me up he does his 'spinning top' chasing his tail on my bed. It's a lovely (albeit a bit early) way to start the day, laughing. Once I'm up he's happy.
Our other boy is high maintenance like your Chubs,through the morning and he's a pouncer too,we had to supervise him with our late much missed female cats.
It's what we call 'cats politics' lol and I think it upsets us more than it does the one pounced on.
Thanks for cheering up my day Jerry.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 08, 2010 LOL
by: Michael

Made me smile and laugh, the way he wakes you and how nicely tolerant you are. True love I guess.

I wonder if the pouncing on your female cat is due indirectly, in part, to his intelligence.

He is smart, he needs challenges and play more than some cats. He is looking for play wherever he can find it.

Michael Avatar

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