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Chudley cat owner warns other pet owners after her cat was shot with an air gun — 3 Comments

  1. Things appear so much more relaxed in the UK when it comes to cats. We hear of multiple abuse cases daily in the U.S. while in the UK not so much. Guns are looked on differently in the UK than they are in the U.S. I’m fortunate my cats don’t want to go outside. They have plenty of entertainment with the circle toys and cat trees. I’d be worried to death if I had cats who live outside.

    • We have plenty of cruelty & neglect here, cats aren’t seen by the media as so worthy of reporting about.

      UK culture is changing, but glacially slowly. It is only in the last ten years that commercially available cat containment fencing has appeared. It isn’t cheap either.

      Our culture of allowing our cats to free roam at will, may still be possible in more remote rural areas, but there are still threats from those who flout the law and hunt with dogs. Cat haters are everywhere.

      We live in a village, we had to learn the hard way. Twenty nine years ago, our cats could free roam safely. Today it is a very different story.

  2. These air guns are only purchased to injure or kill wildlife & companion animals. Adults buy them for children to use.

    It is time they were banned. Our governments never care one whit about animal life.

    I hope Jack recovers well and does not suffer lasting harm.

    Telling us to keep our companion animals inside a home at all times is a little like telling women never to go out alone, lest they are attacked.

    UK culture is very different to the USA. I agree with confining cats to secure gardens where they can exercise and stay relatively safe than when free roaming.

    Wherever guns of any type are permitted, humans will use them to kill and maim – any being of any species.

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