Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Killing: They are building a better barrier. Mother not charged.

The mother of a 3-year-old boy who got into the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla exhibit will not face charges, an Ohio prosecutor said on Monday. But the zoo is going to build a more secure fence to keep the public out of the enclosure.

Well, I hate to say but I will: I was right. Cincinnati Zoo have seen the light and decided that the root cause of the killing of their prized 17-year-old silverback gorilla was an inadequate barrier around the enclosure which allowed a young boy to get through. If that had not happened there would have been no story.

There was absolutely no prospect of the mother facing criminal charges because what she did – lost track of her boy at a zoo – happens tens of thousands of times annually. It is just so commonplace that it can’t be seen to be criminal behavior.

The barrier had passed many inspections. All of them were inadequate. The basic methodology was wrong, I suspect. They probably wanted to keep the barrier to an absolute minimum to give the impression that the gorillas were not in a prison but in the wild to enhance profits.

There is nothing much more to write about this. Ultimately, the zoo were negligent is allowing the tragedy to take place. Their behavior is not bad enough to be deemed criminal and no one can sue them in tort unless one of the female gorillas is good at civil law remedies…..

Source: No charges against mom of boy in gorilla exhibit | Fox News

1 thought on “Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Killing: They are building a better barrier. Mother not charged.”

  1. I figured this would be the outcome. I strongly suggest a You Break it You Buy it sign in front of all animal enclosures. Aside from the pretty banter the truth is more likely the idiots were judgment proof and not ever likely to have the resources to pay anything on a judgment filed against them.
    Now I’m going to put this out there to think about.
    Children have had the opportunity to get through that barrier for years. This child however seems to have made a run for the enclosure. Not an accident, or simple wander off. It’s been quoted in every story that the boy was heard saying he wanted in the water/moat.
    If this child has a diagnosed behavior issue would not that make the parents duty of care rise to higher standard ?
    I question the depth of the actual investigation.
    Beefing up the barrier is of course a necessity. Of course the one unfixable thing is human stupidity.
    I am also curious if they pulled the parent’s cell phone records or examined them for ‘selfies’. What were the parents doing while their 3 year old was making a beeline for a ditch with a wild animal in it ?


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