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Circus cat is Guinness World Record holder with 6 foot jump (video) — 15 Comments

    • If we saw this show I’d expect that there would be some failures in the performances. Although it is probably fairly predictable there will be some moments when a cat will not want to do his trick. I’d expect Samantha to then go onto another act and another cat.

  1. i think sometimes when we think of trained cats we think of the lion tamer cracking their whip, etc, & then apply THAT 2 cat trainers like this woman. im sure though that if she is raising awareness, fostering, adopting, & finding homes 4 so many cats shes doing it all n a humane way. u CAN use treats 2 train, though it doesnt always work just as im sure the clicker doesnt always work, cuz cats do what they want when they want, period. if she really was treating them n a way they didnt like it would b very obvious by their behavior, just like with dogs or any other animal. if they arent cowering, moving away from her, if they arent skittish around people n general, & if the majority of her cats r performing then shes probably treating them n an acceptable way. i have 2 say if their lives r anything like the videoes ive seen & what u have written then they have it far better than most cats. people really cant say shes doing something “bad” 2 her cats if they never act like it, & theres no evidence of it. well i guess u can, but it certainly doesnt make it true. i hope her cats do enjoy it as much as it seems, & their lives r as they r portrayed.

    • Well said Ed. You make a good point. We do associate circuses with anima abuse really because they are in cages etc.. and heavily trained. But this is different as you say. This is really about having fun and showing how athletic the domestic cat is. Also I sense that Samantha is a decent person.

  2. I’ve had a couple of female cats who really enjoyed playing fetch. I never taught them to retrieve the toy, they did this voluntarily to prolong the game. Sophie would go so far as to drop a toy into my lap whenever she wanted to initiate a game of fetch.

    The internet is full of cats naturally performing amazing leaps and displaying their abilities to scale brick walls, thin rails etc. Cats are natural acrobats and maybe some of the more determined ones enjoy a new challenge?

  3. I don’t have a problem with these kinds of cat shows, because you simply cannot make a cat do something it does not want to. I saw a small cat show like this many years ago and when one of the cats decided not to participate when required, their trainer simply moved on to the next stage of the act using a different cat. The cats were clearly besotted with this guy and could be seen visibly leaning towards him everytime he walked by 🙂 I waited to meet him after the show and he told me they were all rescue cats and that he simply based his show around the kind of games they enjoyed playing most.

    I would imagine it’s the more intelligent cats who become the best performers, because they would enjoy the mental stimulation that comes from learning new tricks. Perhaps it’s just coincidence that the current troupe is made up of mainly females.

    I like the idea that Amazing Acro-Cats also find homes for cats as well as raising awareness about what great pets they can make.

    • I think that you have hit the nail on the head in that what they are doing really is playing but playing in a controlled way having been trained. And as you say, if they don’t want to do it they won’t. You can’t force a cat to do anything.

      I don’t see anything wrong with clicker training but some people don’t like it. I don’t see anything wrong in training one’s cat, but once again some people don’t like it although they accept that dogs can and should be trained. There are quite a few benefits to this kind of lifestyle for a cat despite it being rather unnatural.

    • I, respectfully, disagree.
      I would be able to make any of my cats do anything with enough intimidation. No cat, naturally, leaps like that without reprisal. Do cats experience the enjoyment? I suspect that they are trained by punishment, not love.
      In any case, using any animal for entertainment for profit is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  4. Nope.
    What do we think will be the results of the wear and tear on the joints of the cats down the road after “performing” multiple times per day?
    And, when they are permanently disabled, will trainer Samantha care for them?

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