City of St. Louis, Missouri ban cat declawing

The title says it. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Board of Aldermen of the city voted 21-1 for an ordinance (a local law) to end declawing by St. Louis veterinarians.

St. Louis ban declawing
St. Louis ban declawing. Photo in pubic domain. Words added by PoC.
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There are 8 cities in California where declawing was banned years ago and New York state banned declawing recently. A ban on declawing is widespread in Canada. Declawing was also banned in Denver about 2 years ago. St. Louis is the tenth US cit to ban declawing to the best of my knowledge.

Although there is a long way to go, there is a strengthening feeling among the lawmakers of the US that declawing is immoral.

It is usually females in the legislature who instigate bans on declawing because they tend to have a greater empathy for the pain and suffering that declawing causes cats and its highly immoral nature (it’s unnecessary). They are less likely to be swayed by arguments on loss of revenue by the vets. This is a very poor argument.

As usual there are exceptions to the ban but these are reasonable because there are genuine situations when declawing is necessary but they are very rare.


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