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Clarifications on policy to end NC animal shelter euthanasia by gassing — 15 Comments

  1. This policy is pretty much nothing.
    Banning means banning all the way.
    I’m baffled by, if an animal is too injured or ill to move, they will be gassed. Just HOW do they get the animal to the chamber if they can’t be moved?
    Is there anyone that can’t believe that a syringe full of phenobarbital isn’t transportable to a suffering animal that can’t be moved?
    Just a smoke screen in an effort to please the public.

  2. “…the day to day occurrence in the deaths of shelter pets by uncertified staff should come to an end…” So, is gassing being stopped (under ordinary circumstances) or not? This makes it sound like what is being stopped is gassing by UNCERTIFIED staff. That’s not the same thing as stopping the gassing altogether.

    • That’s how I read it. They may be able to find a loophole. People think just because it’s banned the chamber will go away. I don’t know whether it will even be packed up and put into storage.

      As for the humane euthanasia by carbon, that gas itself may be considered HUMANE by some, but the dogs often get into bloody fights when thrown terrified into closed quarters. I imagine cats would be the same. Usually a diver who is euphoric from drowning doesn’t have 20 other bodies climbing over him as he dies like the dogs and cats do.

  3. Greg, IN THEORY the gas chamber may be more humane but the way it is used here, it is not. There are horrific reports of animals being crammed into the machine far beyond its capacity and the animals don’t die, among other things. But the worst was when, for their amusement, the animal control officer put a mother cat and kitten in the chamber with a raccoon to watch them fight while they died. This was witnessed and reported by a visiting repairman who was sickened by what he saw. There is NO humane way to kill animals as long as the “shelters” here hire sadists who enjoy hurting the animals. And they do, and they do.

  4. You might want to educate yourself with a study done in your own country.

    Those “gas chambers” that all of you are so up-in-arms about, are actually the most humane method of euthanasia of any method ever found. Any animal with a higher-functioning nervous-system that dies by “hypoxia” (loss of oxygen), dies in a complete state of euphoria. The very same source of the phrase “Rapture of the Deep” for divers that run out of oxygen. They don’t even know they are facing death.

    What a shame that even more animals are going to die even more inhumanely now due to your own self-inflicted ignorance. Tighten those blinders a little more, that’ll help.

    BBC – Horizon – “The Science of Killing” – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/horizon/broadband/tx/executions/

  5. On the positive side this is good news. On the negative side:

    — why has it taken so long?
    — why is there a get out clause (or that is what it looks like)?
    — gassing should never really have happened in the first place.
    — The AVMA approved C02 gassing until 2013.

    The AVMA have a lot of explaining to do.

    Do we know how prevalent gassing of pets is in the USA in 2014?

    I had the impression it was rare these days.

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