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Class action lawsuit. “Prescription” cat food overpriced and not a prescription — 2 Comments

  1. Wanted to add that since we use a VCA hospital for our cats I believe the vets themselves have little say on the Hills and several other foods being sold in the lobby. Dr. Dawn Nolan is a cat vet extraordinaire if she left and was still in the area we’d likely follow her.

  2. I hope to see follow up of this. I have a case of A/D food canned that I had to get an Rx for. I don’t mind and it is a specialty food that you wouldn’t want to feed your pets all the time. But that goes for a lot of pet food.
    My concern has always been these special diets for kidney and other ailments and the fact the dry is peddled in all clinics.
    All that said I don’t mind a veterinarian recommending the use of a specific food or selling it to me. I just question the Rx status of it. The bag of kitten food my vet gave me was Hills and contained corn gluten. Despite it being nutritionally complete for growing kits it had ingredients I wouldn’t feed. Interesting on their shelves was the better brand of hills that contained much better ingredients. I can’t get my mind to remember the name now.

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