Classic example of human body language signal and loving feline response

Human body language signal to cat elicits loving response
Human body language signal to cat elicits loving response. Screenshot.
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I am sure that you have your signals which you deliver to your cat which are designed to elicit a specific response. If you haven’t your should have. Cats reiprocate and have their signals to which we respond which reinforces the cat’s willingness to go on making those signals. They can be sounds and/or actions. In this nice example the man sends a kiss to his cat and the response is what he was looking for, a feline embrace. It is a learned process. It happens over time. And it is the way people communicate with their cat and the way their cat communicates with them. In the video the deeply satisfying pleasure that his cat brings him is palpable.

The best examples of the relationship between domestic cat and human always delight and amaze me. Two entirely different species can truly create great, loving relationships which are often more enduring and more stable than ones between humans.

In the UK the average marriage last around 9.5 years and a good chunk of that 9.5 years is going to poor in terms of the relationship as it breaks down. We don’t know how long the average length of time people ‘own’ cats for but it is surely longer than the average marriage.

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2 thoughts on “Classic example of human body language signal and loving feline response”

  1. Albert Schepis

    Yeah, my cats and I have lots of distinct loving gestures. One day I’ll add them up, but it’s the sincerity of each one that’s most valuable.

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