Clauz – World’s Fattest Cat 1950

by Finn Frode
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Clauz in The Guiness Book of Records, 1970

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Clauz in The Guiness Book of Records, 1970

According to the Danish version of the 1970 Guiness Book of Records, the fattest cat known at that time was Clauz, a tabby tom living in San Francisco around 1950. In that year Clauz was 8 years old and weighed 18 kg (39,7 lbs). He meassured 91 cm (35,2 inches) around the waist.

The Guiness Book of Record is renowned for getting their facts straight, but there may of course have been other fat cats around, who went unknown or unrecognized. According to Michael's article 'Fattest Cat In The World', Dinky of Gloucestershire, England weighed 19 kg in 1955 and from 1970 and on even heavier cats are known.

I had forgotten all about Clauz, when I happened to come across the old record book, stored away years ago, but I instantly recalled the picture when opening that page. A frightening sight, but also a bit intriguing. There does not seem to be any information about Clauz on the net, so in case you have any, please let me know.

Being as obese as Clauz is definitely unhealthy and will shorten the cat's life. Allowing it to happen could probably be seen as animal abuse, which is exactly the reason Guiness stopped listing obesity records several years ago. Your cat won't worry about obesity, so keeping it's weight at a reasonable level is your responsibility and yours alone.

Source: Først og Størst, Guiness Rekordbog, Politikens Forlag, Copenhagen 1970. According to the colophon, reproducing short sections of this book is allowed provided credits are given.

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Clauz - World's Fattest Cat 1950

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Aug 23, 2011 Unbelievable
by: Anonymous

Holy cow, i thought that picture was fake when i first saw it.. i'm glad they have done away with the "World's fattest cat" category in the Guiness Book Of Records, but i'm sure a lot of this practice still goes on 🙁

Laura @ puppy training

Mar 24, 2011 Yes;
by: Anonymous

Yes; some times owners are responsible for the obesity of their cat. There love towards the cat makes them feed her now and then and sometimes some cats have the habit to eat everything they have been given. In some cases if the cats have been operated for any particular reason they become fat to some extent. I think the owners should take care of the cats along with self in this regard and should walk and play more with them which will help both of them to keep away the problem obesity.

Sep 26, 2010 fat cats
by: Anonymous

i have two cats - both on the same diet - both were given the same amount of food - separatly - one cat was 7 lbs and the other 30 lbs - tell me how i am being a bad owner when the cats have a predetermined weight!

Jun 06, 2010 Ignorance or gross abuse
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Yes, cat obesity is one thing if it's the result of a disease or it's the cat caretaker overfeeding the cat out of ignorance. I suppose that might also have been the case with good old Clauz.
But some of the very extreme cases that have become common sight over the last decade seem like people seeking their five minutes of fame - at the expense of their cats. And in those cases it is definitely gross abuse.

Jun 06, 2010 Clauz-worlds fattest cat.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

The 1983 "Guiness book of World Records" in my posession lists a neutered male tabby "Himmy" as the worlds fattest cat weighing 20.7 Kg and owned by Mr Thomas.Vyse of Queensland, Australia. The fattest cat in Britain for that same year was a part Persian cat named "Tiger" owned by Mrs Phyllis.Dacey of Essex.
This proves the fact that "OBESITY" in cats is artificially created by human owners and not confined to any particular breed as in dogs.
Thankfully "Guiness book of World records" have abolished the "Heaviest or Fattest cat" listing in its "Pets Section" theby avoiding artificial creation of monstous cats with pitifull pet living standards.
"Clauz" looks monstrous and the same is with "Himmy" in comparison to a normal cat.

Rudolph avatar

Jun 05, 2010 Fat Cat
by: Maggie Sharp

I consider that animal abuse too, no ome should let their pet get so fat... It's cruel.

I've never heard of Clauz before, but last year I was given a strange book for my birthday which was about fat and naturally large animals. The first animal in the book was a cat called Hercules, he weighs about 40 kilo, which is about 20lb, and was so fat he had breathing issues!

It just doesn't seem right... Making your cat suffer so you and the cat get your names in a book....

Jun 05, 2010 Shocking
by: Michael

Hi Finn, I find this interesting and shocking. How could a person feed up their cat like that? At one time it seems that some people were feeding up their cats to win records which explains why Guinness World Records no longer have a world's fattest cat today 2010 (as far as I remember).

I tend to feel for the cat.

Michael Avatar

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