by Ruth

Some people like to live in a carefree home, they don’t worry about their furniture, they love to have cats in their homes.

Some people like to live in a well ordered house with expensive furniture and possessions, they love to have cats in their homes too, but as another possession, not as a living feeling member of the family with his own needs and his right to live happily.

Some people like to live in a clean, tidy house with nice furniture and they also love to have cats in their homes.

There is a very simple way to have both nice furniture and happy cats.

photomontage about cat declawing
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Collage by Ruth

The way to a happy stress free home for the family and for the cats too is to provide the cats with their own furniture. It’s very simple to place a few scratching posts and pads around the house and it’s so very easy to teach a kitten or a cat to use them.

Training cats to use their own furniture only takes a bit of time, kindness and patience. Surely anyone who loves cats thinks that is worthwhile!

It is totally unecessary and cruel to go to the extremes of having a cat declawed, even for the sake of very expensive furniture.

It is wrong to premeditatedly plan to bring a kitten home and to have his toe ends amputated instead of providing him with the scratching post he needs for exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Declawing is supposed to be a last resort for very serious scratching problems. It’s not for adapting healthy cats into disabled cats on behalf of lazy selfish people who want a cat in their home, but want an adapted cat to sit around prettily and bored.

Those people need to realise that cats come with claws because they need them.

When declawing is banned in the USA and Canada, and it surely will be soon because there is no hiding the truth of the cruelty of it now, then only the people who truly love cats, claws and all, will have the pleasure of having them in their homes.

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Jul 06, 2010 Terrific
by: Sue

Absolutely terrific Ruth.There is no reason not to have cats and nice furniture too.
I have.
My cats have their scratching posts even though they go outside and give it rock all up the fence.
And so what if one ever made a mistake and scratched the settee or whatever I’d never even contemplate getting them crippled for a punishment.
A message to furniture worshippers……
Furniture is DEAD and UNFEELING.
Cats are ALIVE and FEELING.

Jul 05, 2010 Come in USA and Canada; you time is up
by: Tracey (England)

Yes Ruth spot on again. These countries days of de-clawing are numbered.

Its the selfish oafs who see cats as accessories and living breathing stuffed toys bought because they ‘don’t want their kid scratched’ that perpetuate the constant myth that its ok to de-claw.

We all know that they aren’t cat lovers because no true cat lover would do this.

Lets hope that your user friendly captions will penetrate even the thickest of skulls at least until this vile practice is banned. It will be too; only a matter of time.

Think about this; when I tell people about de-clawing and what’s involved they are shocked; I can see their faces change. They say things like ‘how would he escape if a dog chased him?’ How does he climb? Defend himself? These are the natural thoughts of ordinary people. Common sense thoughts. Thoughts contrary to the cruelty that happens every day in America and Canada. Think on………your days are numbered where de-clawing is concerned.

Jul 03, 2010 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
by: Jo Singer


This is one of the most spectacular, graphically clever illustrations which clearly demonstrates the difference between true cat lovers and those who apparently prefer their precious furnishings and property.

You have also clearly educated folks about alternatives to declawing. There is NO reason under the sun to declaw a cat! We all know that cats come from the feline factory complete with a full set of 18 claws, so why even consider bringing a cat into the home if one’s couch is far more important.

While some folks may think that declawing will prevent cats from being surrendered to shelters, in fact, declawing often is the main cause of this final act of cruelty. Declawed cats are prone to inappropriate elimination outside the box as litter is too painful for their traumatized paws. They may also resort to biting.

You are so fortunate to live in a truly cat loving country, as one of the over 37 countries that have already instituted bans for this insane procedure. Sadly I live in the USA where declawing remains a huge controversy and it just breaks my heart.

Bravo on one of the best anti-declawing posts I have yet to see. Your work is amazing.


Jul 03, 2010 Well done
by: Kathryn

Another very good write up Ruth and the pictures are great.
Your posters actually tell the story without words.
I can never understand why people think it’s alright to have their cats crippled on behalf of furniture.
It’s sickening to realise some people are so cruel.
When will it ever end?

Jul 02, 2010 All cats deserve to live with a caring owner
by: Michele S.

A brilliant article Ruth, the illustrations say it all.

The kind of people who value inanimate objects above sentient creatures should just stick to cat ornaments or plush toys. If they don’t have the patience to deal with teaching a cat to use a scratch item, how on earth will they react when their declawed cat starts avoiding the litter box? These are the same people who conveniently forget their promise of a “forever” home and end up dumping the poor cat at a shelter.

I honestly don’t understand the mentality of those who can’t teach their cat scratch manners. We all know that cats need to scratch so it’s literally just a case of discovering what texture your cat likes. My current female cat is very particular, but after some trial and error I’ve learned that she only likes to scratch cardboard.

It’s high time Canada and the USA banned declawing. Why should an act of animal cruelty be considered acceptable just for the convenience of a minority group?

Jul 02, 2010 Brilliant!
by: Pammy

Ruthy, your article is brilliant, the pictures are great and to the point, making the complete poiint of a cat is part of the family, and has feelings just like the rest of living beings…
I absolutely love your article, and hope that everyone who sees it gets the the point loud and clear. Love and respect your cat, leave their claws alone. As the article proves that de-clawing is simply not neccessary!!!

Jul 02, 2010 Hits the nail on the head 100%
by: Babz

Exactly! You said it and illustrated it so well. What gets me is – what right do these people think they have to take a perfect animal – and I’m sure we all agree cats are perfect – and pay someone to remove the parts of it that offend them? Declawing isn’t a necessary procedure like neutering, it is an owner elective cosmetic mutilation of an animal which is dependant on the owner and his/her whims of cruelty or kindness, cats have no rights and no say in how they live and, oh so sadly, so, so many cats in the USA & Canada are mistreated in this cruel and painful way. But why? WHY do people in the USA & Canada not realise, as most of the rest of the civilised world has realised, that declawing is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary? It beats me!

Barbara avatar

Jul 02, 2010 Great
by: Rose

Great article Ruth!
Anyone who treasures furniture needs a short sharp reality check in that furniture is replaceable.
My heart aches for the kids of people like that too,I bet they’re as miserable as that cat in the poster.
I’ve got kids,cats and dogs and I’ve got a nice house too,somewhere between the happy family at the top and the relaxed woman at the bottom.
Life is too short to show off perfect posessions and cats lives are even shorter than ours and shouldn’t be blighted by being crippled on purpose.

Jul 02, 2010 Touched me
by: Edward

Talk about touching the heart man.
OK Im an old softie but that middle picture had me in tears,that poor cat looks so unhappy and scared to even move.
The comparison with the two happy homes is brilliant man.
Keep up the good work.

Jul 02, 2010 I love it
by: Fran

Ruth I love it!I laughed too.
This puts into perspective what is important in life…a happy home for all the family which of course includes the family pets.
Those furniture worshippers who think it’s more important than their cats welfare need to lighten up and take a tip from the third lady relaxing in her chair with her happy cats.
I hope lots of people see this and take note.

Jul 02, 2010 Great
by: Michael

I love this and it hits he nail on the head. It makes me smile too. That makes it more effective. Thanks Ruth…

Michael Avatar

Jul 01, 2010 LOL…..
by: Merrily

Well, I really had to chuckle as I read your story Ruth.
I have art, antiques, and some nice furniture, I like a nice home….mixed in with all of this I have untold numbers of scratching posts, cardboard boxes (a real favorite around here)toys and anything else that catches my cats fancy.
If someone comes into my home I think they can still see that I am a lady who has taste,but there is never any doubt that I am a lady who loves cats!

Jul 01, 2010 Happy Home indeed
by: Dorothy

Nicely done Ruth, as always. I hope a zillion people read your post.


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