by Ruth

Elton the kitten in this video is around a month old.

He was found abandoned at only three weeks of age and is being well cared for in a Cats Protection foster home.

It’s obvious that despite being an orphan he is a very happy kitten and that already, even at his tender age, he knows what his claws are for.

Watch him using those claws for climbing, playing with a ball and most of all, watch him using his scratching post.

How very clever is that!

His instincts tell him that’s how to exercise and to keep his beautiful claws in pristine condition.

Elton lives in the UK and will never have those claws along with his toe ends, taken from him!

How different to many a kitten’s fate in the USA or Canada!

In those countries many vets are happy to declaw a kitten as soon as he reaches two pounds in weight.

They say the younger the better, because then the kitten doesn’t miss his claws.

In my opinion that is totally wrong!

Elton proves that a tiny kitten of only a month old knows full well he has claws and he would certainly miss his if someone took them from him.

Imagine a vet amputating those tiny toe ends!

Declawing is a supposedly last resort procedure for cats with serious scratching behaviour, but in the USA and Canada it is almost being done routinely to tiny kittens not much older than Elton.

This takes away the pleasure of their kittenhood and condemns them to a lifetime without the claws all cats need for a healthy fulfilled life as a cat.

The very thought is shocking to anyone who truly does love cats!

It is time this barbaric and unnecessary surgery was banned worldwide.

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Apr 30, 2012 Cute Oreo Kitten with claws ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Our family has been cat lovers/rescuers/helpers for over 50 yrs. A few have lived past the age of 20 yrs old. Our vet made this comment “I wish more cat owners took care of their cats the way you do”
I simply said “Thank you, they’re part of our family”
None of our cats have been “declawed” we prefer them
“au naturel”.
Declawing is a sadistic, cruel practice, that deforms cats. Shame on owners & double shame to vets who perform it.
Just think about eating, writing,dressing without your thumbs, EASY, I don’t think so.
A cat lover, rescuer, helper that TRULY cares about cats,
Southeast Arizona (USA)

Apr 28, 2012 Adorable Elton NEW
by: Jane A

Elton is absolutely adorable, I just want to pick him up and cuddle him.
Ruth you are so right, kittens DO know they have claws and DO know what to do with them and WOULD miss them if they were declawed.
I can’t get my head around why anyone professing to love their cat agrees to such cruel surgery.
I’m so glad this little chap is in England and safe from the money hungry vets of the USA.

Apr 28, 2012 Good one NEW
by: Edward

Well man that certainly shows that a month old kitten knows he has claws and he knows what they are for.
Only anyone with a heart of stone could axe off the toes of baby cats not much older than Elton but we know that some vets cant wait to do it.
They are so desperate to get out the knife or laser they put adverts with discount to entice people to get it done man.
It makes me feel very ill and violent to them and Im not usually a bad tempered man only when anyone hurts animals on purpose.

Apr 28, 2012 Beautiful, perfect little Elton. NEW
by: Leah (England)

This little man is perfection and as you say he’s safe because he lives in the UK. If he lived in the US he wouldn’t be safe for long he would be mutilated and maimed and yes he would miss his claws!!!

People are stupid if they believe otherwise.

Anyone who has lived with a cat knows how important those claws are! Right from birth they are essential; anyone who has ever known a litter from birth will know the miracle of seeing those babies kneed their mothers milk glands for the first time with those tiny claws.

I mailed an American lady through facebook some weeks ago as she stated she was about to get her kitten de-clawed because that’s what she’d always done with her other cats. I saw a picture on FB of her young son playing quite happily with the clawed youngster and I stated this to her as the child looked a lovely little boy who probably wouldn’t tease the kitten thus getting scratched. Sadly she didn’t reply after I politely asked her not to giving the reasons why.

I just think Americans do this because they can; it suits them and they don’t give a damn about whether the cats need or miss their claws. Perhaps if they were asked if they would miss their finger nails and have to go about their daily business with bleeding painful soggy finger ends they would think twice.

Apr 28, 2012 A mini ambassador NEW
by: Rose

Elton is a little darling and I’ve a feeling he is going to be a mini ambassador for all kittens to keep their claws.
This video shows exactly how much kittens need and use their claws.
I don’t know how declaw vets can amputate the tiny toes of kittens,how in fact some advertise to do just that.
They can’t tell me they don’t do it for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 27, 2012 Elton NEW
by: Maggie

I’ve seen a LOT of very cute kittens, but Elton might just win the cutest kitten award! What a gorgeous little thing!

I totally agree with you Ruth, from birth kittens use their claws, and they should have the right to use them throughout their entire life. I loved it when Elton started climbing the scratching post! Cats need claws just like we need fingers! Enjoy your claws, little Elton!

Apr 27, 2012 Elton shows just how necessary his claws are NEW
by: Michele S.

Elton is adorable and living proof that even a 3 week old kitten will use a scratch post if one is provided. He’s still a little unsteady on his legs so those claws will be necessary to help him from slipping or falling and possibly injuring himself.

Any vet who claims that a kitten or cat won’t miss their claws is quite simply a liar and a disgrace to the veterinary profession. Looking at Elton’s sweet little toes, made me sad and angry to think that thousands of cats have had their feet mutilated purely for owner convenience.

I hope lots of people get to see this video clip and see for themselves that cats really do need their claws, whatever their age.

Apr 27, 2012 A Claw Ambassador NEW
by: Jo Singer

Thanks for this terrific little video. It totally supports the FACTS that kittens- even very young ones know what their claws are about and can use scratching posts that are appropriate to their size.

What a adorable little guy, and so happy that he was rescued and adopted… by someone who obviously adores the little tyke.

Thanks again,


Apr 27, 2012 Sweet little boy NEW
by: Mrs M

Elton is such a little sweetheart and looks so happy toddling about on his tiny legs.
The very idea of taking any kitten’s claws makes me feel sick to the stomach.
What sort of people get a kitten and want to do that?
What sort of monster masquerading as a vet does the job?
I hope this video goes global and is the saving of lots of other kittens claws.

Apr 27, 2012 Elton is Purrfect NEW
by: Barbara

Elton the tiny kitten has just proved beyond any doubt that even kittens as young as he is know instinctively what claws are there for, that little chubby, wobbly baby toddling around so innocently in his safe home with his loving foster family went to the scratching post and did his stuff and totally blew out of the water the excuse that declawing kittens means they never know they had claws or miss them. He also uses them to steady himself climbing up the carpeted step and he uses them to practice-fight with his fosterer’s hand, claws are there for a purpose they are not optional extras. I can’t imagine what sort of a monster would plan to take away the toes of a kitten the size of Elton, or the toes of a cat of any age or size! Thankfully the little chap is in no danger because in the UK we know that declawing is cruel, unnecessary and inhumane as well as illegal.

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