#ClearTheShelters: Two beautiful tabbies find new home after owner dies while vacationing in France

Hundreds of animal shelters across the United States recently participated in an event between July 1 and July 23 called Clear The Shelters. NBC News reported 700 shelters participated, finding homes for 45,000 unwanted shelter dogs and cats. Two beautiful tabbies whose owner died while vacationing in France were among those fortunate enough to find a new forever home.

Susan Hawkins with her new family (Instagram)
Susan Hawkins with her new family (Instagram)
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Providence Animal Center Public Relations and Special Events Director Justine Calgiano reported over 4,000 pets in the Media, Pennsylvania have found forever homes this month during their annual Clear The Shelter event that ran throught July 23. Among the cats adopted were those belonging to Bryan Palmer, ordered in-home services to take care of them while he was away. Bryan didn’t know he had said goodbye to his cats for the last time, but thankfully he’d made arrangements for their care.

Justine described on Instagram how the adoption of these two precious adult cats came about as she described how Susan Hawkins, a New Jersey cat lover, showed up shortly after the adoption center opened.

“Within minutes of them being moved up to the available section in the adoption center, in walked this lovely lady in her cute little pink dress saying she was looking for two adult cats. When I followed up with her later as she waited to finalize their adoption paperwork, I recounted their ordeal as it was told to me by friends of the cats’ owner … I told her they come with a lot of love. She said she felt like she already knew that after meeting them. Wherever he is, I’m pretty sure he sent her to us, and to them.”

Not only did Clear The Shelters help many deserving pets find a forever home, it came at a time when animal hoarding cases are out of the control, especially in the Northeast. Many shelters credit the event to helping move animals already in their care to make space for animals seized from recent hoarding situations.

Thank you Susan, for adopting these two beauties. So, how many of you believe this happy ending was meant to be, and that somewhere Mr. Palmer is smiling down on his beloved cats?


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  1. AWESOME STORY!!! their owners love helped them even from beyond. i WISH i had known about Clear The Shelters cuz my gf & i have talked about getting another kitty as a playmate for our 4yr old “kitty” Lex who truly needs a good energetic pal…poor guy. fingers crossed.

  2. Aww, beautiful story! So sad that he died without seeing his cats again. I think he was responsible for them being so quickly adopted though, and together no less!! I hope they are happy.


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