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Clingy cat must sit on fake lap as owners need to work at home — 2 Comments

  1. It’s creepy regardless how pragmatic they find it. I have no problem getting up if there’s a cat on my lap, and neither do the cats. If the people are up and down a lot, the cat will adapt, and perhaps to their chagrin, stop wanting their laps at all anymore or to be close to them at all. I agree with you Michael, it’s as much the cat’s home as it is ours’, and if the cat wants to sit on our laps, we should consider it a compliment, a chance to enjoy bonding, and a good (if sometimes inconvenient) part of life/living with a companion animal. Fake legs may not be an insult to the cat, and if it’s a workaround to be able to work, so be it… but it is creepy to see disembodied legs like that. I can’t even look at it again.

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