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  1. Loved the video, and my take is that the cat is mildly clingy, not wanting to release her human.

    I don’t think clinginess is necessarily a sign of stress/ anxiety. In my case, I think that I actually nurtured that behavior from kittenhood with a couple of my cats.

    I’ve carried (sort of) Damon since he was 6-7 weeks old. He’s an adult now and still clings to me for some hours every day. It doesn’t impede me at all because we have developed a way for me to be hands free sometimes. He clutches me around the neck and my shirt is pulled up and tied to create a sort of cradle that supports his bum.

    I leave it up to him to decide when he wants to stop clinging, which usually is centered around needing to use the litter or snoozing .

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