Clouded Leopard Lap Cat

This is a cute cat picture with a difference because the cat is a clouded leopard who looks adoringly into the eyes of Kim, who appears to be his keeper, while on her lap. He looks like a subadult male or perhaps a female because they weight between 23 and 50 pounds. This wild cat is one of the great climbers. They live in trees a lot of the time. They are gradually becoming extinct in the wild because…guess what….their home is being cut down for photocopying paper and furniture.

Clouded leopard lap cat
Clouded leopard lap cat
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I don’t know anything about the photo. The cat must be domesticated to a certain extent but I don’t think I have seen a medium sized wild cat on a person’s lap and looking very comfortable before.

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3 thoughts on “Clouded Leopard Lap Cat”

  1. Great photo that I have seen before but this is an excellent quality copy of it. The moment is precious too; not many like that in the world.

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