Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets

by Michael

I would like to promote the Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets (CPR). I want to promote it because this is a coalition of people who care about animals. All of us need to care about animals. Animals are vulnerable on the planet because of us. We are a species of animal too. Let’s not be so arrogant that we can’t recognise that simple and obvious biological fact.

Perhaps the most important people who have an obligation to care for the welfare of animals is your much respected veterinarian.

Do they carry out their duties to improve the welfare of animals? Are they custodians of the vulnerable animal? I truly hate to say this but in North America you will struggle to declare that the veterinarian is a true custodian for the welfare of animals.

How can I say this? I think you know. They have a tendency to place financial profit above the welfare of their unspeaking and eternally accepting patients. This leads them to perform unnecessary operations that damage the animal but it suits the humans. The humans are (a) the animal’s owner and (b) the vet. Both act in their own interests with respect to these unnecessary operations. It is another coalition, the devil’s coalition.

The operations I am writing about are devocalization and declawing. Monstrous ideas. CPR call these “behavior-masking and cosmetic surgeries”. Devocalisation masks the dog’s natural voice.

The Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets advocate action at an individual level. Not matter how small the contribution to animal welfare we should do it rather than just talking about it on social media websites. I am not saying that writing about it on Facebook is a bad thing, it can do good in my opinion but it is a bit too comfortable.

We should be doing some uncomfortable things such as talking with our vet! If he declaws cats (he almost certainly will as almost all of them do it) or agrees with devocalisation, quietly mention to him that it is a breach of their oath to do it…Phew. Not easy, but if you did that you would be making a real and tangible contribution to the welfare of cats and dogs. You’ll feel good. You’ll feel empowered and Mr. Vet will, for a while, feel bad! LoL

It would great to think that every person who hates these procedures, spoke to their vet about them and politely criticised their vet for participating in this cruel behaviour. Think of the communal power.

Have a look at the Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets website, please.

I have a page on the horrible devocalisation of dogs (and cats) with a video. Beth contacted me about this.

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