Cobb County kitty was abandoned, adopted then abandoned again

UPDATE:  Paws Furever Home, Inc. rescued Yeller (as well as a kitty named Shadow) on March 31, 2017. Please pay pledges via PayPal email address: pa*************@gm***.com via mailing address below:

Paws Furever Home, Inc.
5009 Antioch Road
Adel, GA 31620

**please mark pledge for Yeller from Cobb AC
**please confirm on this thread when Paid

If you didn’t pledge but would like to send some money donations are always needed.

Cobb County, Georgia (USA) has a rural shelter located in the Marietta area. They’re very good at finding homes for the unwanted cats who enter their facility, whether through rescue or adoption. Now your help is needed to spread the word about a kitty who was abandoned, adopted then abandoned again last week.

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Yeller is a kitty who was abandoned at the shelter in June 2016. This sweet boy was so sad and confused because he didn’t understand why his family suddenly abandoned him. He was adopted in July, as I mentioned in an earlier article I did on him for my crossposting site. Unfortunately, Yeller is back at the same shelter, once again abandoned by a family who’d told him they’d love him forever. His unfortunate circumstances make him very special to me, mainly because I worked so hard last year to get the word out about him.

Yeller in 2016 (Cobb County Kitties)

He’s a shy 2-year-old, so it may be best for him to be in a calm environment with his next family. Poor Yeller hasn’t taken a downward turn-yet. But we all know how quickly cats become ill when caged and stressed out.

ID: 593526
Acquired On: 03/10/2017
How Acquired: Owner Turn-In
CAT1 602
Gender: Neutered Male
Color: Orange Tabby
Age: 2 Years
Health: Good
Coat: Short Hair
Tail: Long
Temper: Shy

Cobb County Animal Control is located at:
1060 Al Bishop Dr.
Marietta, GA 30008
(770) 499-4136

Hours for Adoptions and Reclaim
(Closed on Mondays and Holidays)
• Tuesday thru Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
• Sunday 2 pm to 5 pm


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3 thoughts on “Cobb County kitty was abandoned, adopted then abandoned again”

  1. I’d be so quick to take in and love every hard luck case like Yeller, but they’re always far away and I wouldn’t want to put them through the strain of the trip. He does not look happy or well in the second photo! Doesn’t even look the same but I cal tell he is because of his nose.

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