Code red cat becomes official shelter cat

This is the cute story of a cute cat. Akasha was a code red cat meaning she was chalked up for euthanasia on Thursday 6/7 this month because she has been at the Mesquite Shelter for a month with no interest shown for adoption. I guess it is because she is black and has a shaggy coat. The shelter ran out of space so it was hasta la vista time for one more shelter cat.

Code red cat becomes official shelter cat

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The shelter spokesperson said that the shelter photographer could not do justice to Akasha’s shiny, medium long-haired coat and plumed tail. I think she is very cute actually. She looks charming and she is charming. She’s chatty and outgoing. She has endeared herself to the shelter staff so much that she has become their favorite which lead to the life-saving decision to make her the official shelter cat. You see, when you focus on character you see much more. Anyway black is nice. It’s time people saw black differently.

She’ll be living at the shelter and I wonder if she’d be released to an adopter if someone comes forward. I should think so. I am sure she’ll have a nice life at the shelter but ultimately she should be at a ‘proper’ home, provided it is a good one.

She has not been spayed yet. Her age is estimated at one. She behaves likes a young cat. Akasha is on trail (probation) and in charge of ‘toy inventory, catnip management and herding kittens’. I have high hopes for her.

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Source: Facebook. I searched for ‘code red cat’. Akasha came up. There are many other code red cats. Elisa coined the term recently. You can read her popular article by clicking on this link and there are more articles on this topic.

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  1. Jane Carter says:

    Maybe some forward thinking soul will come up and see how sweet Akasha will blossom with the love a good home can provide. She might be more visible now, to potential adopters.

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