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Code Red: Feral cat controversy in Smithfield, Pennsylvania leaves cats without shelter — 14 Comments

  1. I just remembered that this is an area I was looking to move to. If I do I’ll remember that help for cats is needed there (which is one thing I want to be involved in).

  2. Some of the worst people use non-profit or charities as front to criminal enterprizes. Being the actions they took against these defenseless animals and the kind workers is immoral if not criminal, I hope they are investigated. They should be, and charged and convicted of any and all crimes they’re committing. Meanwhile, how can we help the cats?

  3. If I understand this right they were given a week but before the week was out the cats homes were destroyed? Well doesn’t that kinda go against the court order? Not to mention rather Scrooge-ish.

    • I had to move a colony this year and was given a week which turned into 3 weeks. Any business with a heart will accept some cats are hard to trap and this place has around 50. It’s not going to happen in just one week.

  4. This is unconscionable- who does this, without Fair warning? A Dastardly Move for a Non- Profit, as well!!! No regard for the caregivers who control the population at their own expense. I Know the debilitating Anguish they are experiencing and the feeling of helplessness is a perfect storm to extinguish any hope of a Normal Christmas for ANY of them- And Their Families! This is Cruel and unusual Punishment for all their Hard work & Good Deeds all year round. Where is their Humanity? Have They NONE??? I PRAY that they have one spark of Goodness, amongst them, that they will allow Good to prevail and allow the caregivers the time they need to get this resolved in a Humane Manner, without any loss of life!

  5. I just called that place and left a message asking them to tell Bob Shark that he needs to allow them cat caregivers a couple weeks to relocate the cats and make new shelters for them that he destroyed,I hate him.

  6. What a bunch of dicks! How can they do this to these babies in need. It’s not their fault they have no homes! I hope this bastard is charged and worse! I also hope these babies are saved and do not starve or freeze.

  7. The Fay Penn Economic Development is a non profit. They are not a government entity as most Economoc Develolment places are. I pulled their latest filed tax return based on non profit status, and they ended the year with 45 million in assets, 2.5 million in cash. They also just received a grant of some sort for 500k. I haven’t tracked down who awarded that yet, but I will.

    Any member of the general public is welcome to report their concerns, via email and do so anonymously. This goes against moral fiber and integrity that which a non profit is bound by.

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