Code Red: His face shows unimaginable heartbreak. He’ll be killed soon at a Texas shelter

Big Spring-Texas. Take a look at this beautiful boy. He’s at a Texas shelter where he’s listed as ‘Code Red.’ He can be killed at any time. Are those tears I see?

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Big Spring, Texas operates a small, municipal-run quarantine facility and there is no staff veterinarian at this shelter. Animals ARE NOT spayed/neutered before leaving the facility.

Adopters or rescues that pull are responsible to have animals altered within 30 days or by 6 months of age per the animal control rescue/adoption contract.

This sweet boy needs immediate rescue, foster or adoption. Look at that face! Perhaps he knows he’s unwanted. The shelter hasn’t even taken the time to give him a name.

His shelter information and the numbers you can call to save him are listed below, as well as on his Facebook thread.

Kennel C9
Male DSH
Age: 2-3
Available: NOW
Sweet and friendly

Big Spring, TX
Big Spring Animal CONTROL
@ Big Spring Police Department
3613 West Hwy 80
Big Spring, TX 79720
M-F 8am to 5pm
(432) 264-2372

Big Spring Animal SHELTER
3605 East 11th Place
Big Spring, TX 79720
(432) 264-2372
M-F 1pm to 4pm

His situation is made even more urgent by the hours the shelter is open. Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. No family hours on the weekend to help these poor animals find a forever home.

The adoption fee is up to $75 for dogs and cats that are old enough for a rabies vaccine. In addition to the rabies vaccine, the adoption fee includes a microchip.

Rescue pull fee is either $5 or $20 per animal and includes rabies vaccine and microchip if of age. Any additional vetting such as heartworm tests or distemper/parvo vaccine is the responsibility of the adopter or rescue.

Right now you’re his only hope. Please share him with the hope a forever home can be found in time or a rescue or foster can give him a temporary home. Either will save his life.

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