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Coffee Morning For Our Four Local Animal Sanctuaries — 47 Comments

  1. This is a lovely write up by Sharon in our local newspaper, it’s a shame she didn’t mention Dylan but she’s not really a cat person, she did well to have him on her lap for a photo.

    • Thank you Kylee, your scrap pages are lovely, you are so very clever doing these, I love the borders and the surroundings. You could illustrate books with your talent!

      • hi there thanks for that. I just use kits from different scrapbooking material that have cats and other things. Its great to be able to contribute to such a worth wise cause. Just wanted to show the others as well. It helps getting a good comment as it encourges me on. 🙂

  2. Me where I usually am every chance I get, on the floor with any cat who is around lol I just had to take a break from being tea lady to get down with him…..then I couldn’t get up lol had the room in stitches

  3. Bravo, cool sisters! That spread looks fantastic. I’m still hungry for a scone and cake! Congratulations. A labor of love I know. In the end, it is always worth it. I love Dylan, the star. But going home to your own is the richest reward. Congratulations on great success.

    • Thanks Dorothy, we were very grateful that Walt and Jo both came back from their morning rounds early so we could get a good start and we brought them a catnip mouse a friend had made each for their reward. It’s lovely that Babz has a few days off now and ten days holiday soon too, we just love spending time with our boyz, although they are a bit miffed with us as we’ve mowed the lawns this afternoon and they liked playing wild cats in the long grass lol

  4. Leanne of Kays Hill is fund raising today at Pets at Home so we met her there and bought their share of cat food, we had a £3 off voucher so got £53 worth for their £50 share 🙂
    Pic of Babz and Leanne and the trolley full of food

  5. Dear Ruthie and Babz:

    I was floored by the great essay and glorious pix. And the pastries! There’s nothing under this roof but water and toothpicks. Can’t cook a thing. If you wanted to be halfway nice,you’d come over here and feed me! You’d get free rent! There are many animal sanctuaries on the coast, and two gorgeous cemeteries. People are dropping like flies around here, and Babz would have a years-long career. You could live upstairs in your own bedrooms, both with views of the woods and river and bay and the sunset over the ocean. The Boys would have a tempting attic to inspect(which my kids loved), and 14,000 sq. ft. of house, orchard and temperate rainforest vegetation to explore. NO barking Rots! NO neighbors nearby! Nobody but the…well, you know who…who’d be happy to give us the thrill of a lifetime when we ventured out front to mow the grass. This house is now catless, and empty as a sucked egg. You and your family could come on over and cheer up things a mite.

    Jumping Jehoshaphat! Two hundred lbs. isn’t that shabby! Doesn’t that translate into @ $300? It’s unbelievable all you’ve both done, and you must be Shildon’s most prominent citizens. You’re both goodhearted to the nth, and I’ll tell you how much I admire you next time I write. Will mosey on up to the library tomorrow, Ruth, unless it’s pouring. No e-mail, as usual. So what else is new? xxxxx

    (Dylan…such a stunning little Wee…)

    • Thanks Sylvia, yes Dylan is absolutely gorgeous, it doesn’t bother him at all being amongst people, it was lovely to see him have a little snooze in his carrier so trustingly too then he was back on duty all refreshed. Chris is a really lovely lady, so very pleasant, Ark on the Edge was well represented.
      Oh thanks for the invitation, we’d so love to live in the wilds of wanny in your big house with you, no barking dogs would be bliss, if we’d been younger and our boyz younger too we might have taken up your offer.
      Looking forward to your email when you get to the library but don’t worry, take care of yourself now xx

  6. wow very impressed!! Looks great You guys done so much, great you raise 200 pound which im not sure it is in nzl dollars but i would say it be alot it be double as much. Good on you guys!!!

    • Thanks Kylee, no I don’t know what it is in your dollars either but £200 buys about 500 big tins of cat food, so will fill some furry tummies for a while xx

      • i researched it and in nzl dollars it was $391.196 in nzl dollars so thats quite alot of money. i thought it would be alot of money as nzl money is usually alot more. So congrats.

  7. What a great time Dylan and i had. Well done to both of you, we are so proud to be your friends.xxx Awesome.

    The Innovations group that were there, have asked Dylan to go and visit them. No problem at all with that for us. x

    • It was lovely to see you and Dylan, true dedication to come by bus! The Innovations kids loved him didn’t they! In fact everyone loved him 🙂

  8. You two pulled off something that will live in the hearts of many for a long time.
    Hard work and dedication really do pay off.
    Take a little rest, girls.
    A job well done!

    • Yes I think that was the Coffee Morning of all Coffee Mornings, we were amazed at the amount raised in our tiny town and some people hadn’t much to spend poor souls but the ones who had were very generous. Both your blue bunnies went to good homes 😉
      Rest day tomorrow we hope, still catching up now xx

      • I trust that my blue boys went to good homes like you said.
        I keep going back to all of this because it’s so wonderful and I smile all the way.
        I love that Babz desk is a mess, but that bottle on it probably helped ease the stress. LOL! And, she has some time off. It’s kind of like “spring break”.
        Such a nice ending to a perfect event.
        Rest and have fun. Next time is just around the corner.

        • Thanks Dee, the bottle of port was given to us by a kind new friend but as we don’t drink port we added it to the raffle prizes with her permission and someone who would enjoy it won it.
          Babz likes a whisky and lemon for her treat and mine is a gin and tonic 😉
          Sherry or port = a headache next day.
          We’ve had a hectic weekend catching up on housework and gardening and all the aftermath of the CM but a bit of a rest too.
          Babz is back to work to 4 funerals this week but THEN….10 glorious days of freedom in which her BIG birthday comes.
          Just wishing the retirement age hadn’t gone up, we would be so celebrating her freedom after all her hard work.

            • Another 5 and 1/2 years to work and it’s very worrying because her osteo arthritis is very painful at times, she’s suffering right now because the furniture was heavy to move for the CM and I’ve been up today to help her put it back to rights as she’s so busy with bereaved families. All the eggs from the competition were to sort out too for people who wanted them back, honestly those eggs have been more trouble than the bonnets last year lol She’s quite demented this week with so much to do and I can only really help with some of it so it will likely be midnight Friday by she gets home!
              But then she will be free to have a rest and we plan some nice trips out and on Monday, her birthday, we will go out for lunch, she doesn’t want a fuss with it being her John’s Anniversary too, so just us. Sharon who judged the egg competition writes a column on Fridays in our local paper, if we get a mention I’ll post it on here, she did enjoy herself but went home with her posh clothes mohaired from Dylan lol

  9. I gotta say that both you and Babz do amazing work! You must have some inordinate inner energy that keeps you going to do this, although it is for sure a labor of love. I loved seeing the photos! Almost made me feel I was there. The cakes and scones. oh my.

    You guys ROCK!

  10. Yet another amazing event for 4 local animal rescues by two amazing ladies who have a heart of gold, and I am very pleased to say my friends. You both really do your best and put 110% into all your events xx

  11. It was a lovely day, so glad that we were able to raise enough to buy a decent amount of food for each place, I was so pleased when Sharon Griffiths agreed to judge the Easter egg comp, I’m certain that it made more people enter the competition and definitely brought more people to the event, she’s a really nice person and we all enjoyed her company, we also had the adorable Dylan who made himself quite at home, I’m sure I heard someone asking Chris if he was available for adoption and her rapid NO reply, no he is home for good with Chris, they obviously love each other a lot. By bedtime last night I was shattered, I’d woken up at 4am and never got back to sleep for worrying about the day ahead, and I know Ruth was also ready for her bed having worked hard towards it all the week, but it was all so worth while, thanks to Sharon, Dylan, friends and our local community, also several visitors from other nearby towns it was a great success.

    • A huge effort. I’m not surprised that you were both exhausted but what a great day and I have to say it again that I am really really impressed by the amount of money you have raised for animal welfare.

      • Thank you Michael, yes we are very happy with the result and so are the four Rescues.
        It really was overwhelming this time, we could have done with a room four times as big!
        Just catching up with ourselves today, our poor house and garden have been neglected, it’s nice Babz has two more days off yet, then work for four days, then 10 days holiday in which she has a BIG birthday 😉

  12. On behalf of all our animals here at Ark on the Edge we thankyou for what you have done for us at your event yesterday. So pleased that above all everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves and Dylan did to.

    Kind regards

    Pat Ark on the Edge

  13. I am very impressed. You both put a lot of effort into this event and you pulled it off. To raise £200 is a wonderful effort and achievement. They are a great bunch of people up there who attended and donated their money and as usual Dylan is super. The photographs are charming. It is amazing to see so much direct effort going into helping animals. There aren’t many people who are so motivated and committed to animal welfare as both of you are.

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