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Colonel Meow’s Secret Sibling — 17 Comments

  1. just as beautiful as all our cats on this wonderful community of cat lovers. I would hate to be the one brushing him though. Brushing my three fluffy furballs is hard enough. I dont know where i would be if i couldnt chat and comment with fellow cat lovers

    • Yes I thought that too Kylee, he looks like he could do with a good grooming, bless him.
      Our 2 cats love being brushed and combed, do yours? Jozef would let me brush him forever, Walter grabs the brush when he’s had enough lol

      • they mostly enjoy being brushed until theres those bits that stick to their body. Ozzie doesnt enjoy it much though. i just hate it when they badly matted.

      • We use the Furrminator to brush off the huge red cushion the cats sleep on. Furby INSISTS on a brushing any time he sees that brush. Laura grooms all of them several times a week.We have enough fur to make a new cat once she’s done.

  2. So, now someone brings Colonel’s brother to light. For what purpose?
    Why wasn’t he highlighted before?
    Sorry, smells like exploitation to me.

  3. Did anyone else watch Lil’ Bub’s TV Special Saturday night on Animal Planet? Colonel Meow was in it. Worst idea for a TV show ever. I’m curious who thought it could be worth the money invested in hopes of a profit? Totally ridiculous. It was just moronic. Perhaps really young kids might of appreciated it, but at 10PM/11PM EST?

  4. Merlin is gorgeous! I don’t think sharing photos and news about cats on face book is exploitation, it’s fun and it doesn’t harm the cat at all.
    Exploitation is the life poor ‘Grumpy Cat’ leads, being toted around for strangers to pose with and laugh at and handle! I feel so sad for her when I see videos of her creeping away trying to find some privacy and peace.
    I ‘like’ quite a few facebook cats, but don’t have time to visit their pages much.
    My favourite (apart from yours of course Elisa) is George Cat because every so often he posts a message to say if he gets 50 more friends he will donate £50 to Kays Hill Cattery, he’s done that quite a few times, we know his dad who is wheelchair bound and it’s lovely he thinks of the cats in care.
    Walter and Jozef don’t mind me sharing their photos any where, but they both say they are too busy mousing and sleeping to have their own page lol

    • Ruth, I think one of us should do a page on celebrity cats and how people find fame through their cat provided their cat has outstanding looks. There is a great similarity to human celebrity and it is a bit like parents living through their children’s success.

      I agree that this is not exploitation. The cat is healthy and it is all for fun and the cat doesn’t suffer in anyway. There is certainly a place for having fun with cats as long they are treated well.

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