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Columbus County Animal Shelter receives $1,000 Maddie’s Fund grant — 9 Comments

  1. $1000 may not seems like a lot to people; but, it’s a help. And, if they have a PR program in place, fundraisers and special events will really sweeten their pot. It appears that they are using their money wisely.

    • They’re trying so hard to be a model shelter. I’ve done a ton of articles about their special adoption events and other projects. I stay in touch with the shelter director on a weekly basis. Can hardly wait to see what they have planned for the holidays.

      • Watch the Facebook networking pages too Elisa. almost $100k raised for cats alone this year to fund their rescue ..the “new cat room” was also kitted out by fans of that page ..no mention of that here ?? That is very disrespectful to all those who work EXTREMELY hard to help the cats. 7 days a week.. not just during working hours .. ..and without those pages ..the good PR here would be absolutely non existent because there would be no rescue and a lot of death. Keep drinking that Kool Aid.. BTW ask those pages how the ferals first came to be rescued in such numbers .(It was not “about 5 years ago” It was from July 2012 ).. .and it was not down to JP or the shelter per se.. but they have indeed claimed now it is their program.. wonder how far it would progress without the funds that the Facebook pages raise, despite the lack of recognition of that fact. It is not THE SHELTER that accomplishes . It is down to the supporters

        • The article states “He and his staff and volunteers show dedication and compassion to the unwanted pets who enter their facility.” I consider those who run the Facebook pages as part of the volunteer system since it’s not a paying position.

          The supporters are key but they wouldn’t know to support if not for the volunteers who run those Facebook pages. I’ve watched thousands of dollars be raised for individual animals with medical needs.

          Since I can’t seem to stop drinking that Kool-Aid, perhaps I need to stop writing about shelter pets. Especially with the messages I get after I do write.

          Happy Thanksgiving!

            • 🙂
              It happens when I try to help rescues as well. Even when I have the rescue checked out by a private detective to be sure all their financials are legit and in order I still get blasted. Dee I wish you’d send me a Facebook friend request. There’s a lot you don’t see on PoC.

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