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Combined cat café and hotel allows guests to live with cats before adopting

This is a cool cat café in Japan. What I really like about their operation is that they combine a cat café and a small hotel which allows guests to spend time alone with a cat that they might want to adopt. They can take the cat to their room and live with their chosen cat from 5:30 PM until 9 AM the next day.

The owners make sure that guests are trained (if that’s the right phrase) to ensure that they are comfortable around their chosen cat and vice versa. They also want to make sure that the person has a good grasp of how to look after a cat even though it is for a very short time i.e how to deal with the litter tray!

My Cat Yugawara. A combined cat cafe and hotel where guests can spend private time with their chosen cat for a small charge. Photo: Screenshot with words added.

If the person decides to adopt a cat then they are interviewed to make sure that their home is suitable. I think it’s a very neat package and well constructed. It should encourage adoption and it should also encourage a successful adoption. The system helps to make sure that the owners of the cat café and hotel permit an adoption to the right person.

The charge for living with a cat during the evening until the next morning is $21 (¥2225) which is an added charge on top of the regular room charge of $47 (¥4980) per person. All rates are without meals. They look pretty modest to me. Bed and Breakfast prices.

Cats are very popular in Japan but according to the website Statistica dogs are fractionally more popular in the country.

Yugawara is a town of about 26,000 residents situated on the south coast of Japan facing Sagami Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

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