Combining child and animal abuse: using kids and cats to emotionally harm.

General image of police involvement
General image of police involvement. Pic in public domain.
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Only the sad human can be this sick and behave this badly. Some days I despair at the ‘human condition’. A father, Antonio Martin, 40, lives in Buffalo, New York state and he has three children. The reports say that he has admitted to killing the family cat by hanging it by the neck from the end of his children’s bed and sending photos of the dead cat to all three of his children. He is facing a felony charge (serious crime) of aggravated animal cruelty and a misdemeanour charge (lesser crime) of child endangerment. He faces 2 years in jail if convicted.

The authorities have not told us why he did it. To fill the page I’ll speculate. Firstly, this is so typically the actions of a disturbed human. Only a human could think of both killing an animal companion and using that act to emotionally harm his own offspring.

And the purpose must have been to harm his kids emotionally and thereby harm their mother – his wife or ex-wife or ex-partner. The reason for that is probably because he is divorcing and his wife or former partner has forbidden him seeing his kids. That is the usual scenario.

In other words this looks like a fight between two adults and the victims are innocent family members: the family cat and the children these adults brought into the world.

This is a truly evil act. I won’t say Antonio is evil because (1) he has not been convicted yet although the reports are that he has admitted it and (2) he may have been technically temporarily insane with drugs or emotion.

But only humans can indulge themselves with this kind of darkly perverted and abnormal activity which is so hurtful harmful to the innocents of the world.

Both cats and kids are not infrequently victims in hostile divorce proceedings as they are used as tools for one party to hurt the other. Children and companion animals are reduced to possession to fight over in the hostile world of human separation.

Reported in and WKBW Buffalo. There is no much detail in these reports.

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