Come forward the person who fought for Strushie the Cat on Facebook

Strushie the cat killed by Lollias the Greek

Compare the dignity of Strushie and the idiocy of Lollias

I’ve noticed that there have been some visitors to my pages on Strushie the Cat, which prompted me to look up the Facebook page on which a campaign was tirelessly run for justice. Strushie was a Miami Beach cat killed by an arrow from a crossbow. The arrow was fired by a paid assassin, allegedly Georgios Kollias/Lollias. Despite wonderful efforts from the person who runs the Facebook page, seeking justice for this cat, the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) simply weren’t interested. In round terms, a high-profile crime was committed against a cat who was a fixture at a hotel in Miami Beach and the police couldn’t care less which is not unusual.

Strushie a hotel cat kiled by an arrow

Strushie a hotel cat kiled by an arrow. Photo: FB Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow page.

All the evidence points to Georgios Kollias/Lollias killing Strushie because the new owners of the hotel wanted rid of him. I don’t want to repeat what I have written before but if it interests you, you can read my last post on the story (click here) which contains links to previous articles. Or catch up on the story by reading the last Facebook post which is below. And below that there is a post of March 17, 2018 which states that “Now that I know MBPD and the ATF aren’t going to do anything, I can publish information that I’ve had for months.”

That post follows one of August 8, 2017 which the author states, “This case is far from over….”.

This case is far from over. The owners of the Franklin Hotel, Chris Viso and Charles Schneider, directed and paid…

Posted by Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow on Monday, August 7, 2017

Now that I know MBPD and the ATF aren’t going to do anything, I can publish information that I’ve had for months.


Posted by Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow on Saturday, March 17, 2018


It seems that the case is over and that despite the gargantuan efforts of the author of this Facebook page the Miami Beach police simply cannot be motivated to do something about the deliberate killing of this community cat. It seems very strange to me that they are disinterested because it wouldn’t take an awful lot of resources to actually do something bearing in mind all the work carried out by volunteers who want to see justice done. That is the way of the world because community cats simply do not feature on the radar of police forces. To them it seems that “it’s only a cat” and they probably felt that they did more than they should have anyway. The police are not known for their sympathy towards animals in general. Cats are at the bottom of the list whereas dogs are ranked as more important in the eyes of law enforcement.

But I would like at this juncture for the person who tirelessly worked for justice on Facebook to come forward because I can’t find out who it is. They deserve a medal and if not a medal they deserve praise.


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