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Commercial Raw Food Products for Cats are Prepared Badly — 6 Comments

  1. It has gotten to the point that I don’t feed a raw diet to my pets and haven’t for the last 40 years or so. I no longer trust anything any government says about how careful they are in handling and preparing the raw food.

    • I don’t feed government prepared frozen food. I feed an organic frozen food prepared locally. I trust that much more than any thing dry or canned, approved by the AFCCO.

      Susan Gort, what do you feed your pets? How’s their health?

      • My furbabies are fed a dry food made in Sweden, Husse. I have one on a urinary tract diet, three on a lamb and ris diet. Kutawnnie is on the lamb and ris as she has chronic IBD and pancreatitis. Since she has been on the lamb and ris, her pancreatitis titer is normal and there is no problem with IBD. The other 2 girls share her lamb and ris. Thor and Guy are on the active diet 9They are high octane kids. The 3 girls are also on the canned diet from Husse. Their health is awesome! I’ve had fewer hairballs and virtually no vomiting from upset tummies. I have a friend whose cats are also on the Husse dry food. I sit for them when they are out and about and both cats are doing very well. The older cat has been on ZD by Hills for several years. Since he has been on the Husse, he is more active (for an old kitty). And the younger female isn’t so hyper. 4 of my babies are deaf ferals, so I move slowly and they have learned a crude version of kitty sign language. They are also more active for indoor kitties. Their teeth, when I can look at them are much better looking . They have been on the Husse only for 7 months now. It took me 3 months to totally transition them to Husse only.

  2. We don’t know “who” did this study? Funded by a “foundation”? with no name. Another red flag for me is the wording, “Preservatives in raw pet foods MAY not be labelled correctly. They suggest that they MAY be toxic to cats and dogs.”

    “Feeding of freshly prepared, non-frozen raw meat based-diets to companion animals can not only result in infection and disease in the animals…..”

    I think that most people who prepare fresh raw meat for their animals, make big batches, and freeze immediately in meal size pouches. Also, most people know about the dangers of handling raw meat, although we know that many people don’t pay attention to health or safety practices, even for themselves.

    I would think that this study would be backed up by actual cases.

    I have no confidence in a study that doesn’t reveal what I consider essential evidence. This is not to say that some cmmmercial pet foods don’t have a high standard.

    I’m wondering if this “foundation” also funded tests of dry and canned pet food, which has been known to carry pathogens that have killed pets.

    • One problem is that I was not able to access the entire document without paying and I did not feel like paying $30 or whatever!

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