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Commercial Wet Cat Food Is Packaged In the Wrong Sizes — 13 Comments

  1. It all equals out because you can’t get half of it out of the damn pouch. We give the pouches to Cujo to chew on. He thinks it’s a treat.

    • LOL!
      I’ve actually gotten some of those pouches as a treat. I hate them. The only way to deal with them is to spoon them out.

      • Marvin has a couple favorite pouches. I put a little water into the empty (well, almost empty) pouch, swish around and dump into the bowl with the rest. The extra water doesn’t hurt.

  2. I’m trying to think in terms of just a few cats, but it’s hard.
    I suppose that manufactured food really should come packaged in smaller portions.
    I wouldn’t know what to do with 30 grams of cat food here.
    I think opening 150+ cans or pouches like that would injure me.
    I, mostly, buy the huge cans because I have to feed so many.
    Sometimes, there are leftovers, but that becomes raccoon food. Nothing wasted here.

    • Dee, you need number 10 cans, like restaurants use. They equal 13 cups, or 38 mouses. Wouldn’t that be nice for colony angels like you? Can’t we get the manufacturers to do that?

      • You really have kind of a good idea, Dw.
        I could really make use of gallon containers (they’re really not as heavy as toting a gallon worth of cans) and use a big scoop.

        • Now, how to go about it. It would be so much cheaper too. Less garbage. Fewer wrist injuries…. I wonder what places like best friends do? Alley cat allies? Other feral cat organizations. Seems so silly to have to open little cans. I think it would be important to use it all up at the same time if it came in gallon jugs.

          Honestly, I wouldn’t want to enter a cat food making plant. Ignorance is bliss. But it could be worth asking the question. Do it Dee!

  3. We waste a lot of food here, the boys like to eat from saucers and so they push a lot off with their noses which gets scraped up and binned along with the remains of their meal. We usually split a sachet between them which makes about 50gms each but I’ve noticed lately that some cat food now comes in 85g sachets which is slightly too much for one but not quite enough for two. Also Sheba now makes 50gm sachets, though the boys aren’t keen on it. I think it depends on what the food is, if it’s something they like they can eat a full one each and look for more, other times they might barely lick the top and walk away. We’ve always fed our cats on demand, when they come in food is always available as well as a hero’s welcome home, I think that encourages cats to come home and check in quite often rather than stay out a worryingly long time. There is a cat who lives near us who has come to us for food for many a year, she has a home but comes for extras, her dad knows she comes and doesn’t mind, so often she finishes up all the odds and ends which is much better than binning them.

  4. That describes both Marvin and Bigfoot. Marvin gets marvelous wet food, and I make it wetter with water because he laps it up. But always leaves the last three bites. Bigfoot is stubbornly only a dry food eater, and he bores a hole in the middle. At first I thought I could trick him and just fill the hole, but he knows. I think he doesn’t like the wayward spittle that ends up on the surrounding kibble. So, out it goes. Fresh bowl down. I don’t mind being his servant!

    Shadow, who still seeks out good quality wet food here, even though his life partner is no longer with us. And he eats every single morsel. Always has. Yellow used to put her paw on his head to move him aside so she could eat. He looks like he could miss a meal too. Big, black and handsome. But probably too big. So I don’t over do it.

    Good idea, measuring a can according to a mouse weight! Anything to keep from wasting so much food.

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