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Communicating Telepathically With Animals May Help Deepen Our Bonds — 4 Comments

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  2. OK.. this is fascinating…. I rea your piece Jo and decided that I was going to give this a try, even though I have often had difficulty doing “visualizations” in the past. For some reason I can visualize my girls pretty well, especially Shadow (my tortie girl). Shadow loves to hide (well, she IS a cat, right?) and I hadn’t seen her for awhile. Calling her name will eventually get her to appear, but only eventually. I decided to try this out and went into my bedroom. I laid down on my bed and visualized her jumping up onto the bed and climbing up onto me, as she often does. VERY quickly, she appeared and did just that. I gave her lots of positive attention. Now, she may have been under the bed; felt me get onto the bed and hopped up there on her own. Later, she was in the living room, along with Stella, when I was about to make tuna salad. While she likes tuna she is not as excited about it as Stella is and often cannot be bothered to get up from a snooze to come and get some. (I always put a little people tuna in their bowls when I make tuna salad). I can’t put down two bowls if both cats are not there because Stella will scarf down both servings. I often have to put Shadow’s share away until later when she is in the kitchen alone. While I was opening the cans, I visualized Shadow coming into the kitchen and eating from her bowl….. and…. there she was! I am going to keep trying this to see if these were flukes or not- I’m thinking not right now…. but thanks so much for this. It’s very, very cool!

  3. Having been born and raised with cats, and coming from a background where spiritual connection to other living beings is as natural as breathing for us, this is not surprising or new. Of course it is true! and it can only help, not only our own relationships with our beloved feline family members, but also our relationships with others of our own species, if we prioritize for intuitive, direct connections with others, including with our Supreme Being.

  4. I frequently receive (and send) picture communication with my pets. They frequently get through when I’m sleeping. One incident that comes to mind was a few years ago, I was napping and was awakened by an image of my cat Jenny digging dirt from the foundation of the house with a little kid’s pail and shovel. She was digging like mad an a human way. All of a sudden I realized, “Oh she’s locked out and the cat door is closed.” I went to the back door where she was sitting and she had a few choice words for me. lol

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