by Krystl
(Summerfield, NC)

5 years ago I was blessed to be chosen by a cat who had escaped her abusive home. She was thin, her whiskers had been burned off 🙁 , and her coat was matted and scraggly.

She gladly allowed me to feed her, rub her, give her a warm place to sleep, and soon after come into the house. During the time we were bonding and she was healing I noticed her features and her mannerisms … talked to my dad who has Maine Coon cats, figured she is (only) part MC, but has so many traits of the breed including the STARE, and the vocalizations which I’ve learned to differentiate as our communications. Sheeba takes walks with me and our 3 small dogs in the woods behind the house. She even does the meer-cat stand!

When she is staring at me, I give her a slow soft “blink” -this is a CAT KISS. She always returns the kiss. 🙂


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Communicating With Cats

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Mar 06, 2012 Slow blink
by: Michael

For me the slow blink is a reflection of a cat being in a comfort zone having received what you have said. That sounds complicated but is the way I see it.

keenpetite – if your cat is sitting comfortably! — and you talk nice and quietly and warmly to him or her you may see the slow blink in response to the warm friendly sounds that he or she is receiving!

It is a kind of a distant cuddle…LOL.

Are keen and petite?!

Mar 06, 2012 A loving cat expression “slow blink’ =kiss!!
by: Anonymous

Have owned cats for decades, yet never noticed “slow blink”, our last rescue “Scarlett o’Hair” tends to be very vocal, must certainly try this on her, she’s a purrer. Surely she will enjoy it & so will I.
Thanks for cute input about our purry/furry friends & companions.
Southeast AZ

Feb 21, 2012 Cat ‘blink’ kisses
by: Dorothy

I enjoyed reading this. I’d never noticed the slow blink before! My cat always responds to soft talking and stroking. He listens carefully. After reading this, I spent some time observing, and sure enough, I get the slow blink. He seemed to respond to me copying his move too. It is the sweetest thing. I’m so happy to learn this new little communication cue. Thanks!


Feb 20, 2012 The slow blink
by: Michael

Hi Krystl, thanks for visiting and sharing. I know that blink. I see it a lot in my cat.

I do return it too, just like you. I have other ways to say I love him as well.

You can get that slow cat blink when you talk softly and with a friendly voice to your cat.

It is definitely a recognition that communication is going on. Actually I can almost talk to my cat!

If I say something, he responds. A lot of it is down to tone and volume plus our body language, but there is no doubt that we can communicate through vocalisations.

You have a loving relationship with your cat. I very much like to see that. Mine (Charlie – 3 legged) spends all of the cold nights resting against me. When I move I have to think about him! He does not think about me. It’s unfair.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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