Community provides supplies for Missouri mother and her 5-year-old son to build 30 stray cat shelters

A mother and son in Missouri love animals so much they’re building shelters to help cats and other small animals stay warm. Once the community learned of the project they dropped off enough supplies to complete 30 shelters.

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Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson and her five-year-old son are using styrofoam coolers wrapped in trash bags and stuffed with straw or hay.

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In an interview with KSHB News Stephanie explained she got the idea from an active cat rescuer.

“We just want to save every animal that we can,” Lindquist-Johnson said. “By doing this, we feel like we are doing good and getting those back out to people who need them, bringing the awareness that these animals out there are freezing cold so it’s really been a neat experience.”

This is a difficult time for much of the U.S. Between keeping outdoor community cats warm and rescuing dogs who have fallen through the ice so many are stepping up to save animals in distress. Stephanie is teaching her young son to be kind to animals.

Our thoughts and prayers are needed for those animals who don’t have a warm home and the people braving below freezing temperatures (some as low as -30 and below) to at least provide a warm bed.

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