Comparing Maine Coon and standard sized cat

This is an interesting picture showing the size comparison between a Maine Coon and what I have termed a ‘standard sized’ cat. It is a photo-edited screenshot (by me) from a short video.

Comparing Maine Coon and standard sized cat

Comparing Maine Coon and standard sized cat

Moving forward to May 15th 2021, here is another. The Maine Coon is Omar a celebrity cat on Instagram, living, I believe, in Australia:

Size difference between Maine Coon and standard domestic cat. This is Omar on the right.

Size difference between Maine Coon and standard domestic cat. This is Omar on the right.

You probably know that, other than the first filial wild cat hybrid Savannah cat, the Maine Coon is the largest breed of cat and the largest domestic cat. However, they do vary in size depending on their sex and the breeding. This cat breed lends itself to some extraordinary breeding, the most outstanding of which comes from Russia in my view. It’s rather ironic that this quintessential American cat breed is bred to its most outstanding in a nation considered to be the enemy of America. A reason might be that there is a different cat association governing Russian breeders. Breed standards from associations guide selective breeding.

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People love big domestic cats which is a reason why the Maine Coon is so popular. However, it is unwise for breeders to chase public admiration in apppearance without observing good breeding practices to ensure excellent health. For instance Maine Coons often inherit a disease causing hip dysplasia in which the hind legs fail to stay in the hip socket causing pain and lameness. Increased size is liable to make this congenital disease more obvious.

If this video disappears over time don’t blame me. I have not control over whether it remains or disappears.

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