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Compassionate middle school students send email showing concern about a lost NC cat — 3 Comments

  1. So heartwarming to see teenagers showing concern for Murphy. These are our leaders of tomorrow. Let’s hope they never change their attitude toward animals. As for Murphy, perhaps he was taken in by someone else and hasn’t been to vet yet, or the person never told the vet he was microchipped leaving the vet no reason to check. Hopefully, he’ll be found and returned to his rightful people. Recently, there was a story about a cat who disappeared for nearly 10 years who was returned because of the microchip! Who knows where he’d been all that time? Our shelter has these lost/found stories all the time. We had one who disappeared for nearly a year and the cat was only a mile away! The cat got out and ended up wandering to someone’s home a mile away at the other end of the beach. The woman who found him thought he was a stray, but the cat wouldn’t allow himself to be caught. She’d put food out every day and he finally allowed himself to go inside. She was a senior so she didn’t think much of it. Finally she brought the cat to the vet and told the vet how he turned up at her doorstep. The vet scanned for a microchip and voila! Although the senior lady was sad she had to give the cat up, she was also happy to return the cat to its rightful owner, who also had a young child who accidentally left the door ajar. It happens.

    • I need to amend a sentence (too bad we can’t edit). Rather than the person who may have found Murphy not telling the vet he was microchipped – what I meant to say was perhaps the vet was never told the cat was a stray, giving the vet no reason to check for a microchip. Sorry about that.

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